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Thread: The FORT Interview with Cassandra, 10/8/05

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    I don't care what anyone says, I LOVED Cassandra after that last show. She stood up for herself and eventhough at times, she seemed very mechanical, I think she did one "human" thing and that is to have some boundaries.

    At first I couldn't stand Cassandra, but I thought she was being very real and I respected her for standing up for herself.

    Remember Tiffany? She said that they were trying to change her too.

    Cassandra really scored major points in my book! At first I thought it was dumb of her to leave the show, but now I realized that her reasons are valid. She could've gave it one more try but I understand her decision.

    With the short hair, she became one of the best girls in the competition too! I think Tyra did a good job with the makeover and I think brown would've been better on her too.

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    Cassandra could have WON this thing, but she is doing what is right for her. She is beautiful and even though she came across as odd on TV, she stood up for herself and seemed nice in the interview.

    PLUS, she is a fellow Houstonian and loves sparkles! WOOO HOOO!!! Good luck Cassandra and thanks Hepcat for the interview!

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    Thank you so much for this interview. It justifies to me why she left. Tyra & Co. wanted us to believe it was over an inch of hair, which just didn't make sense as she went for the big chop the week before. I get it now, although I'm sad to see her go. I think she had the most raw potential and feel robbed by all the photos we'll never see.

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    Loved her! I also am sad we will not get to see her competing in the next weeks. She had lots of natural talent. I respect her decision though. IMO, she'll go far in life.

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    and she just lost her precious chance of becoming ANTM, imo

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    Cassandra: YAWN. When you are a model, you have to be a muse, especially on your way up. That means you have to be flexible, have a sense of humor, be able to adapt, and use your brains as well as your beauty, whatever talent you may have. This young lady really didn't belong on the show. I wish her luck on her pagent career. It seems like the perfect place for her. Maybe she can train future pagent contestants when her own reign is over.

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    Great interview hepcat, you asked all the questions I was looking for!

    I don't know if I agree with her choice but I admire her for sticking up for what she believes. She seems mature and I'm sure she sees the consequences to her actions and she's okay with that...more power to her.
    "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." ~Anais Nin

    "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye." ~H. Jackson Brown Jr

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    im on cassandras side with this, why they were forcing her to change into a mod style was completely stupid. Agents dont tell their girls "You have to be mod or you wont book any jobs!" its all based on appearance not on how mod your attitude was. Models dont veen go to castings in heavy trenchcoats.....Top model is in the gutter.

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    When I think of all the girls who wanted to be on this show and about this spoiled brat squandering her opportunity, it makes me very angry. Cassandra pretty much wasted everyone's time with her whole "I'm not going to cut my hair and I'm going home" snit. I'm quite sure they have those girls sign something that says that you agree to change your appearance/pose nude/ etc as a stipulation to be on the show, and she blatantly lied when she agreed to do it and then decided not to. She stuck up for herself, but you have to choose your battles and if I was a judge in a pagent based on this no way in hell would I vote for her because I wouldn't be sure that somewhere down the line she wouldn't throw a fit and refuse to fulfill whatever duties she might have.

    With that said, I think it's nice that she thought of something nice to say about all of the girls. With Diane, I don't think she got to know her very well; Diane seems like the quiet type on this show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kema
    I still think personally she doesn't get the picture.

    She didn't have to do anything she didn't want to do but she said it herself that she would do anything that they asked her to do on the video she made for them.

    I respect her for sticking to her guns but if she hadn't plan on being an active participant she shouldn't have tried out and they could have put someone else in the slot.

    kema, I totally agree with you...why did she even bother entering the top model contest knowing very well[from watching previous episodes of ANTM] that they were going to give her a makeover and she would have to act edgy. i just think that she didn't like modeling and her true passsion was Miss USA. That's all fine and good but she took away a great opportunity from someone else who might have really wanted to be a model.

    Most of the girls that enter this contest really want to be models and make it their career.

    I'm sure there was much more said between Jay and Cassandra other than just talking about 1 inch of hair that they didn't show us but the bottom line is that she wasn't really passionate about being a model. She even said that she really didn't care that much about runway when they were modeling clothes for designer Sue Wong.

    Oh well, since she really didn't like the real world of modeling, it's good that she quit early.
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