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Thread: The FORT Interview with Cassandra, 10/8/05

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    She has an incredible body period, man I would kill to have her figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlitterGabi
    I bet she was awkward to talk to...
    Really, not at all. She was well-spoken and wasn't uncomfortable with my questions.

    I'd say so far this year, everyone's been very sweet on the phone. By far, Ashley was the most comfortable - she's very engaging and funny on the phone. Then I'd say Cassandra, then Sarah, and Ebony in last place. I think I was Ebony's last interview of the day, and she was just so tired; she had no energy. I don't blame her, they start these girls on the interviews early in the morning and it goes on for hours.

    Whenever you see an edit cut like the one we saw with Cassandra and Jay, you just know there's more to the story. For me, I can see her point of not wanting to change her personal style. I don't see many sucessful models who are wearing pink frills and sparkles, so I question her judgment in resisting the style change, but when she says that it went deeper than a mere inch of hair I believe her. And I think she's right that she should have been able to talk to the judging panel about it, not just told to leave by Jay Manuel in a snit.
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    Thanks for uncovering a little more of what went on, hepcat. I think I can understand her point now (although I, peronally, would have enjoyed the change).

    I would have loved, loved, LOVED to see her take on Jay! That would have been hysterical. Too bad it ended up on the editing room floor.
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    Good Interview, Hepcat!
    It was good to hear her point of view. It's hard to get a feel from just what is shown on tv.
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    Cassandra explained a lot. The show was definitely messing with her. Oh and hepcat, have you interviewed Sarah? Her's is the interview that I am highly anticipating!

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    After I read her interview, I'm changing my view of the show.. if they really are trying to change a whole persona, that's wrong... one thing is to change the way they look, but to try to change them completely, body and mind, for 24 hours a day, it's sick!.. i'm sorry for the show, but I think that Cassandra did the right thing. Congrats for that!

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    Thanks...good interview.

    Okay. Here is my two cents. I completely respect Cassandra's decision to leave because she perceived that they were trying to change her as a person.

    However, I think her perception is way off the mark.

    I am not saying Tyra and Co. are angels, and call me naive, but I believe Tyra is trying to help these girls be better at modeling and help them break into the modeling industry.
    What I think Trya was doing by telling Cassandra to be mod 24-7 is like how an actor gets in character for filming a movie, he becomes the character. Same thing with Cassandra and the becoming the mod persona outside of the photo shoot.
    I am sure they told her that to help get her more into feeling like a fashion model and less like a Barbie in a pageant. What you need to win a beauty pageant is the complete opposite of being a fashion model . Being a fashion model does mean attitude, fierceness, that blaze' look on your face, slouchy stances, and creativity with your look in general.

    Cassandra was not willing, just for a few months, to experiment and be creative. So she left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kema
    I still think personally she doesn't get the picture.

    She didn't have to do anything she didn't want to do but she said it herself that she would do anything that they asked her to do on the video she made for them.

    I respect her for sticking to her guns but if she hadn't plan on being an active participant she shouldn't have tried out and they could have put someone else in the slot.

    How would you describe your personal style?

    Iím very conservative and traditional. I feel I can be trendy but also be conservative. I like to dress little girly Ė I like wearing pink and sparkles and ribbons and all that.
    That is sooooooooooo disco and Little House on the Prairie.

    I believe she went on the show to get exposure for the pageants.
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    I admit, I'm pretty miffed that Cassandra is gone. That last photoshoot with her sporting her new 'do was H O T. She has an incredible body, as someone upthread pointed out--really I think she has the best body of any contestant in all the ANTM cycles. (Personally, I prefer small breasts to big bazoongas but I'm biased due to my own humble little B-cups!) I really think she has a lot of potential as a model; I think she could have won this cycle or at least been top 3.

    I scoff at even the idea of beauty pageants and I don't care for prissy girls in general but I found myself liking Cassandra. I have a feeling that maybe she wasn't as prissy and 'entitled' as the show portrayed her to be. The show really played up the beauty pageant angle, revealing its own strong bias against pageants. If that angle were stripped away, I have a feeling Cassandra would not have seemed so offensive.

    Somehow--and maybe it's just wishful thinking--I feel there is something fishy in her leaving the show. After four cycles there have to be some thwartings of viewers' expectations: perhaps Cassandra will return to the show and take the prize? Or at least come back? I'd far prefer to see her up on my TV screen than Lisa or Jayla, neither of whom in my opinion have a Wetslick lick of modeling potential.

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    great interview! love it

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