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Thread: The FORT Interview with Cassandra, 10/8/05

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    Quote Originally Posted by juds06
    Great job, Hepcat!

    I still don't like Cassandra. She's just full herself.
    "I'm easy to work with." oh yeah...
    I agree one hundred percent

    She is full of herself and she knew what she was getting into so all that they are trying to change me and other nonsense still doesn't cut it.

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    I try not to be judgemental - it's Cassandra's decision and our entertainment. Period!

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the interview Hepcat!!!

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    Wow, I wonder what her beef with Diane was. "Pass"! I am assuming she didn't care for Diane too much and was just being polite.

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    Great interview, hepcat. I liked all your questions, and I liked how you got her to describe her competitors. Interesting that she said "pass" when asked about Diane. Hmmm. Is that good or bad?
    I have to say, I still think she was stupid to not cut her hair. But she came off better in her interview than I thought she would. Maybe she's not a total sociopath.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    So basically she's building up these defense mechanisms out of one inch hair. I just don't get the whole "they wanted to change my personality"?
    Even if they did, she could have gone with it during these 3-4 weeks of filming, taken the crown if she had the chance and changed back to her own style gradually after she had won. Cassandra probably realizes it deep down but being the person that she really is, she's having a hard time admitting it to herself and others.

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    Thanks for the great interview. Like bedtimestorynyc, I'm not judgmental about her decision - it's good to hear more directly from her side without the glossy veneer of reality tv.

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    Just to clarify on Cassandra saying "pass" for Diane: to me it sounded like she couldn't think of anything on the spot, not that she had something negative in mind and didn't want to say it. It's not easy to come up with these things on demand. I got the impression that maybe she didn't get to know her while she was in the competition, that's all.
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    I bet she was awkward to talk to...
    Ich liebe dich!

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    I'll probably kick myself later for saying this, but I agree with her about the assigned styles. For them to tell a model how to act, look, and dress while on the job is one thing, but is it realistic (or fair) for Tyra and Co. to completely overhaul a person's style while not on set? To say to someone, "Okay, this is the new you, your new "personal" style is mod on and off set." I don't know, just doesn't seem right to me.

    Also, Cassandra has KILLER legs. I mean, just fabulous legs.

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    Hmm, her answers seemed to forced, pageantry I guess... It sounded a bit like she was so eager to defend herself, to me at least.

    But anyway, spot on interview yet again Hep! Thanks!

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