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Thread: HI-RES Photos: Episode 503 - Fashion Pose Off Photoshoot

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    HI-RES Photos: Episode 503 - Fashion Pose Off Photoshoot

    Hey there Top Model lovers.

    Here are bigger qualities images of the "Fashion Pose Off" photoshoot shot by Craid De Cristo and featured on the episode "The Girl Who Needs A Miracle."

    These photos are copyrighted to UPN Press / CBS Broadcasting 2005. Please do not remove the tag. These photos were also resized in order to compress size. Like the HQ images I posted for Cycle 4, these are the best I could provide so I'm sorry but complaints about the tags or the resize won't really result in anything. I know rashad posts bigger quality HQs but I don't have a license to provide the photoshoots in that manner. So hopefully this is good enough for most of you for the time being.

    Anyway, enjoy!

    Bre & Nik

    Cassandra & Jayla

    Ebony & Lisa

    Coryn & Sarah

    Nicole & Diane

    Kim & Kyle

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    Thanks r0guish.I've been so busy.

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    Thanks so much for the pictures!

    I love Nicole's picture! So high fashion. (Well, as high fashion as ANTM can be. )

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    r0guish Great that you'll be able to post the images again. I love Ebony's shot. The more I look at it, the more I like it.

    Bre, Lisa, Nicole, Diane and Nik did also a great job!

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    thank you so much r0guish and i understand but thanks a lot
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    I don't get how they can praise Sarah's picture during the judging (I think Nigel said it reminded him of Saint Paul's?) and then shoot it down when it comes to the elimination. That's just BS. And Jayla's picture had the better pose IMO. Freakin Tyrant and Co.
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    All the sceneries are so pretty.
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    Sarah really impressed me. She nailed the look better than Coryn I think!
    Cassandra also got very lucky in that shot.
    Kim & Kyle I think, were the worst pair.

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    Thanks for posting r0gusih .

    I dont see the appeal in Sarah's picture. It is an awful pose, we se directly up her nostrils .

    I think the best pair was Nik & Bre, the worst pair, Kim & Kyle .

    ETA: If you havent already, make sure to vote on these photos in the Best Photo Award thread. Note: You are also ranking the makeover shots aswell, so you should have two lists!

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    I can't believe the first episode I've missed since Cycle 1 finally had some fashion in it! I love this shoot, and there are some truly wonderful photos (Nik, Lisa, Nicole). Thanks!
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