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Thread: The FORT Interview with Ashley, 9/27/05

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    Ashley, what do you think of Sarah?

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    I loved the interview, thanks hepcat and ashley!
    Great answers ashley, you really explained yourself thorough and i really hope to see you sign to a great modelling agency like brita because you can do it!
    My favourite - ashley

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    Ashley, for what it's worth: I've watched every season of this show.. there have been a couple girls in the past I saw potential in, but you were literally so gorgeous, I caught my breath. I was absolutely stunned when you were eliminated. And whatever as to the portayal of you as somewhat bitchy - I can't even fathom what I (or most people) could seem like if filmed constantly and then edited.

    So, I wish you the bestof luck, and congratulations on the engagement!

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