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Thread: ANTM5 Premiere Recap, Part 2: Miss American Psycho and the Girl Who Was Trippin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflakegirl
    her face looks “sexy and scary and the same time” (which is how I myself have describe German porn)...
    Oh lordy! Haha! As a whole (Part 1 & 2) it's one of the most enjoyable recaps I've read here on FORT. Hip hip, HURRAY!

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    I prefer bitchbot.

    Both will work though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    Lifestyles of the Bitch and the Shameless
    The “celebrities” start to arrive, and the only one I can identify is Tori Spelling, who haunted me the first year I lived in L.A. by appearing at every club, coffeehouse, and street corner I went to. She is haunting me again—damn you, Tori Spelling, will I never escape your inordinately large-headed ubiquitousnessosity?!! Then hunky Nigel Barker appears in the audience, and all is forgiven.[/i]
    This really made me laugh. Thanks to you, I now feel like I've seen the first episode that I forgot to tape! What a great recap! That Cassandra sounds like a real character. I'll have to see for myself next week.
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    I'm so glad you're back SFG! I look forward to another season of great recaps...

    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl Kim sits with her toes in the water surrounded by the [must be said in sexy Barry White growl
    ladies who all lean in with great curiosity at the sight of a real, live lesbian! Kim tolerates the attention, in fact, I’m sure she’s workin’ it, and she good-naturedly says, “A lot of these girls don’t know anyone who’s gay, and it’s kind of exciting for them.” Aw yeah, Kim gonna be pimpin’ up in this henhouse fo’ shizzle, yo.
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    Snowy. to your recaps. Read these both 2 days ago, but I was read only on the computer I was on and couldn't post .
    so glad you're up an running again this season cycle. The hobo kicking? Everything really does eventually come around again, doesn't it????

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    Oops, wrong topic...

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    I have missed your recaps soooo much Snowy! You are definitely the recap queen
    With the new season, I have been looking forward to your recaps as much as the actual show!!

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