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Thread: Twiggy Lawson

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    Twiggy Lawson

    Now that ANTM has come to its fifth cycle, it's no surprise that they'll get rid of the loud mouth, outspoken, wild, crazy-ass judge Janice Dickinson who we all came to love but the show's casts came to . Janice has confirmed in an interview that she was fired and her recent behavior on the Surreal Life explains it all.

    To me, I don't think Twiggy is here to replace Janice. She's here to replace Nolé.

    So, let's give a warm welcome the new judge! Hopefully her character is as interesting (for a lack of a better word) as Janice.

    Twiggy Lawson who is a Fashion Icon and is truely the World's First Supermodel only she doesn't self-proclaim it every single second. Twiggy is also signed to the exclusive Modeling Agency, Ford Models; her division is Special Arrangement - Women.

    Here is her biography from Wikipedia:
    Twiggy (born September 19, 1949) is a British actress, model and singer, now usually known by her married name of Twiggy Lawson.

    Born Lesley Hornby in Neasden, a suburb of London, she became famous at the age of sixteen, under the influence of her boyfriend and manager, Justin de Villeneuve. Soon she was regarded as "the face" of swinging 1960s London, and gained her nickname from her stick-thin pubescent figure. As she matured, she ditched Villeneuve and broadened her horizons, appearing as an actress and singer, notably in Ken Russell's 1971 film version of The Boy Friend. Since then she has played a variety of roles on stage and screen, including My One and Only and as Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion, opposite Robert Powell, in a 1981 television production. In May 2005, Twiggy was announced as a replacement for Janice Dickinson on UPN reality series America's Next Top Model.

    Her first marriage, to American actor, Michael Witney, ended with his sudden death. In 1988, she married the actor Leigh Lawson.

    Comedienne Fran Drescher went on a cruise with friend Twiggy and Twiggy's family. The culture shock Drescher experienced inspired her to create her hit sitcom The Nanny.
    Twiggy's Homepage

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    Personally, I don't think Twiggy or Janice was the world's first supermodel.

    I think Carmen dell'Orefice is.

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    redlight 6/7
    i like twiggy's modleing photos. they're so good.

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    I believe Dovima was actually the world's first actual supermodel. And that was in the 1940's-1950's I believe. Janice REALLY needs to shut up about that. Just because you say it every thirty seconds doesn't mean it's true. I could start spastically blurting out that I'm Batman every minute of the day and it would still not be true.
    I'd never even heard of Janice Dickinson before the bloody show!

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    redlight 6/7
    there are many other supermodels before janice dickinson, like twiggy, and wilhelmina cooper which is the founder of wilhelmina models. i want to see he photos. any body got pics of her?

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    I think J Alexander is here to replace Janice during panel!

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    She was fired?! How could they! Why..? If Nole left, and Miss J replaced him, and Janice was still on panel, this would be a good cycle.

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    I love Twiggy.
    I don't know how she'll be as a judge on the show, but I'm very pleased she was chosen.
    I think she still looks great.

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    Twiggy also starred in a short-lived TV sitcom called Princesses with Fran Drescher and Julie Haggerty. (This was prior to The Nanny, and it was the first time I remember Fran Drescher from anything.)
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    I have to say that I like Twiggy, but I also like other sixties supermodels, suchas Penelope Tree and Maudie James. I have a book entitled: Unseen Vogue the secret history of fashion photography and it's brilliant, because it contains all the fashion photographs taken by world reknowned photographers that never made it into Vogue. Its got photographs of Twiggy to Linda Evangelista.

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