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Thread: Twiggy Lawson

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    This is my post from another thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by aga
    I agree with TheCollegeD that Miss J is supposed to bring the edge that Janice brought. Also, in the past couple of cycles Mother Tyra has also up her snark quotient.
    My preliminary thought is not so much that she is too nice, but that some of her judgements seemed outdated - she didn't seem to get the looks and moves of some of the less classic looking girls.

    However in her defense, other judges have biases as well:
    Tyra likes edgy girls;
    Janice liked tall, thin girls.
    Nigel likes thin girls but is OK if they have a little t&a.
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    "Hi pretty lady...and Tyra." - Heather (ANTM Cycle 9)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Griss
    I missed the first show(s). What did everyone think of Twiggy as a judge?
    Yeah she is way too nice, she literally worked hard and found a reason to compliment every girl...except for KIM. Who she compared to a "man trying to walk like a woman"


    I miss Janet Dickason....she was one crazy b**ch but kept a perfect balance of mean and nice on the panel.

    I think Tyra might become the meanie personality on the panel...but that Twiggy chick is way to nice and squeaky for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delmarco
    Yeah she is way too nice, she literally worked hard and found a reason to compliment every girl...except for KIM. Who she compared to a "man trying to walk like a woman"
    That wasn't Twiggy, that was Tyra! Twiggy made a positive comment about Kim, saying that she saw herself (40 years ago) in Kim! Which is equal to the best comment that night imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by delmarco
    I miss Janet Dickason....she was one crazy b**ch but kept a perfect balance of mean and nice on the panel.
    I agree. Part of the guilty pleasure of this show was to tune in to hear what absolutely ridiculous, ego-shattering thing would come of Janice's mouth. I mean who can forget her comment to April in season two about the batteries dying in her... well you remember!

    Twiggy is just too nice. She's like the Paula Abdul to Janice's Simon Cowell, and let's face it, without Simon even AI would be boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suckmytoes
    Tyra should have Twiggy replaced with Naomi Campbell.

    I would pay to watch that in a cinema... So we lost Janice jumping on Nigel to demonstrate passion but we gain Naomi & Tyra clawing it out on the red carpet while disagreeing about the girls' pictures.

    I miss Janice. Sometimes I agree she's crazy but there are moments when her sincere concern for the girls shine thru and those glimpses are pretty awesome. Its like for once some one on the panel was giving a heartfelt comment.

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    i find twiggy a good judge. she has some humor, but i still love janice better.

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    We have to face it, Janice was a good judge because she made pretty girls cry. She told them every single thing they did wrong and thats why we loved her. Twiggy is too nice. I think the only judge who is entertaining is Ms. Jay. Replacing Janice is a mistake that will eventually be seen in the ratings.

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    I think Twiggy doesn't add much to the chemistry between her and the other judges.
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    Twiggy is nice, and there is a place for nice, but I don't think "trying to find something positive to say to each and every girl" is actually helpful or productive.

    If there are standards in modeling, and you are not meeting those standards, they need to be pointed out. One of Twiggy's walking comments demonstrates how unproductive or critical she is as a judge: Jay says "The walk is too slow." and Twiggy says "It's good to have all different kinds of walks." First, Jay is a runway coach... but secondly, that comment is rather naive and rediculous; runway is all about having a certain kind of walk, not everyone just walking their own way.

    Twiggy also commented about how she liked a girl's face, and then the rest of the panel would all say "Wow, you really lacked intensity in the face," etc. Maybe it's due to it being Twiggy's first time, and everyone else's tenth (or more) time... but I find her comments incredibly useless.

    With Janice, she was harsh. But the world of modeling is harsh. You don't go into a go-see and have people say "Well, you look really nice and congratulations, I could never walk in those heels!" The industry is incredibly brutal and Janice was the reality check. And with Janice, when she *did* compliment you, you knew she meant it. And I'm sure that made you want to strive to do it better.

    zzZZzz Twiggy, I hope *she* is the next person eliminated.

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    Like suckmytoes told that he doesn't think that Twiggy and Janice were the first model in the world but maybe they were meaning that they were the first known and fames of model in the world...

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