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Thread: Cycle 5: Sarah

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    FORT Fogey
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    Jan 2005
    I think Sarah has really nice bone structure and personally, I love her lips and see absolutely no problem there. The problem lies in the fact that her eyes are too close together. It's common knowledge that with models, the further your eyes are set, the more photogenic you are.

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    piece of me~ BigMacs4Life's Avatar
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    Her ribs! Maybe THAT'S the reason why Tyra casted her! Just kidding.. I'm really liking her! It's be interesting to see how she photographs.

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    I was a little creeped out by how bony she was when she met with the judges. She looks emaciated skinny, not naturally skinny. Maybe she was just sucking in her stomach, I guess we'll be able to decide when the show starts.

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    I love her!! I am so happy she was not eliminated. She is my favorite, but still I picked her earlier this month to go home first. She is so sweet and endearing. I know she will probably not be around long, but I am hoping she will be this year's Shandi/Kahlen. And her face looked so beautiful in her photo. Her lips didn't look bad at all. Really, I didn't even notice them. I was too busy looking in her beautiful eyes.

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    her eyes are fine, her lips are fine, her body is fine, her personality is great (!)... if only she knew how to walk on high heels.

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    her body is still wierd but she is so cool!!!

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    the bluest eye bonsaibutterfly's Avatar
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    Really like this girl. Her face is unusual and beautiful. She reminds me of Liv.

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    Wow, I do not see anything appealing about this girl aside from the fact that she seems pretty easy-going. It's like the classic blind date setup line, "She has a great personality!"

    She can't walk, has horrible body proportions, and her face is instantly forgettable. I'm shocked she wasn't eliminated tonight (although it was satisfying to see Princess Ashley go).
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    I will forever Sarah. From auditions, she striked me. She's beautiful, I love her. Something about her makes me want to see her stay. I was very "*gasp*" and oh noes, when she was up for elimination, I'm glad for her that she is staying on.
    "Walking on poetry...she's a monologue in shakespearean tragedy"

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    I did know that she wouldn't be first eliminated home but i got so surprised to see Ashley going home..

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