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Thread: Cycle 5: Nicole

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    Re: Cycle 5: Nicole

    Quote Originally Posted by guii;3023097;
    I know, I was just kidding.

    and, yes, Nicole is older. she said in the castings: "I hate being the oldest... It's being hell"
    Oh sorry

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    Re: Cycle 5: Nicole

    IMO Nicole is by far the best winner ANTM has produced and she's also the only winner I've rooted for since the beginning D And i re-watched the casting episode today and she is in fact older than her sister. She says how she is the oldest and had to break her parents in. So don't listen to my earlier post
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    Re: Cycle 5: Nicole

    Quote Originally Posted by Afrocentric;3022559;
    Like half of high fashion is NSFW. I'd die without Vogue Italia. Anyway, Nicole is very fashion to me, but she always read a little bland to me. Good thing she looks 12, though. That will always be on her side.
    I know that it is...I'm just surprised that Nicole the wholesome girl from North Dakota would do that. Oh wow I just sounded like Tyra.
    "For what it's worth you're like the first juicy booty to make it on the runway."

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