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Thread: Cycle 5: Lisa

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddy
    You are correct. There has not been for thousands of years. Some times itís fun to know what a persons recent racial background is. Jut to see how the chromosomes interplay. But the fact is, that all peoples on earth come from a single tribe in central Africa. All humans on earth are of African decent. You are all genetically related.

    Actually teher are alot of full Italians.

    Anyways, I didnt like Lisa. I dont think she is pretty. Someone said something about her nose a while back, and I didnt get it, but I do now. there is no shape to it. i dont think she is pretty at all, nor do I think that she has the potential to last that long. I think the girls will get fed up with her, and she'll be out in a few shows.

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    i wont say she's old since i'm 24 too but....she's older than the others and in modelin no no
    she's really pretty tho, and i LOVE her personality so far.

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    Lisa's photo was good, but I do think she's too old - it really shows on her face. She might get work as an older model (kind of like Brita, being signed to the older division of Ford).

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    over here!!!
    i thought she would be the first one out but dang her phot was amazing
    "this love is unbreakable..."

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    I agree, it shows that she's really old. Unlike Christina or Brita who are also in their "late" 20's they still look like teenagers. But I like Lisa's sparkle. She's like a child which makes me believe she's younger. I really like her.

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    I know she may be a little old, but they wouldn't put her one the show if she didn't have a chance. I really like her so far . . .

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    Most people, except for me and Bobpickle, I think, thought Lisa would be first out. But I see something special in her, and she takes gorgeous photos. I hope she goes far.
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    I never thought she would be the first one out. I have consistently picked her in my final five ever since seeing her photographs on UPN.
    If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, they are yours. If they don't, hunt them down and kill them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTM Mega Fan
    Most people, except for me and Bobpickle, I think, thought Lisa would be first out. But I see something special in her, and she takes gorgeous photos. I hope she goes far.
    I stood by Lisa from the very beginning. She is a stunning Gina Gershon/Gia Carangi look-a-like.

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    I love Lisa's face; she's totally the opposite of ugly. Distinctive structure, beautiful eyes. Her age does show in person, but not at all in pictures under all that makeup. And she certainly knows how to walk and pose. No reason at all yet to think she's not going to be in the final 3.

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