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Thread: Cycle 5: Kyle

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    FORT Fogey
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    I usually prefer dark hair but on this girl, I have to say I think the blond looks better. She is still very pretty and the dark hair doesnt look bad on her by any means but I just think blond suits her better. I dont get why a blond white girl can never make it far in this competition but yet Tyra loves to color the black girls hair blond even when it doesn't suit them. Sure white blonds arent usually looked at as edgy looking but why does someone with edge have to win the competition? Eva is a black girl but honestly very commercial in my opinion.

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    Leave the house already. She shouldn't win with pictures like that

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    Doesnt she look like Maria Sharapova the tennis player? Thats what i think and i also think that brown her looks good on her but i preferred the blonde kyle! maybe i just need to get used to it... but i think shes the prettiest girl of this season and Jayla is next..

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    As seen in the past though, they sometimes keep pretty girls around who do not take the best pictures because in real life they are stunning. And they keep complementing her walk. She is still one of my favs. I just hope her pictures start to rock.

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    She did a really good job in this ep. I haven't really noticed her in the previous eps but now she stood out. She and Jayla made the biggest improvements. If she can keep it up she can definetly make it far. Possibly top 5 or higher.

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    I dont know. Kyle looks really good with the blonde hair, despite being commercial. The dark hair is nice, but she starts looking too much like Christina (They have similar eyes and smile) It makes kyle pretty boring, after you are used to seeing similar looking models the last season.

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    I like her a lot better with the dark hair, but honestly this girl should be knocking everyone else dead. She is beautiful, young, thin, and tall. She really should have the easiest transition and should have to give the least amount of effort. Even with all of her attributes, she takes horrible pictures. I am thoroughly not impressed.

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    Yay, she has the walk down... she reminds me of kahlen in that she walks awesome and she has sortof similar looks... i still am hoping she takes the win
    missing Sara

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    Quote Originally Posted by i love kahlen
    Yay, she has the walk down... she reminds me of kahlen in that she walks awesome and she has sortof similar looks... i still am hoping she takes the win
    I thought the same thing too! They both are just fabulous models!
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    From Kyle's myspace

    Photo's by Jun Pino:

    A magazine she was in:

    Fashion shows she did:


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