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Thread: Cycle 5: Kim

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    yeah...she does look ok there but's not like her looks is something new, there are lots of girls who look like her...i'm sure if the modeling industry wanted it they could have had it

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    I'm really liking this one! *Crosses fingers that she doesn't do something to piss me off a la Elyse and Keenyah*

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    I love her personality, but like i said before, she needs to lose the puppy fat and hopefully uncover some sort of bone structure underneath.

    My favourite models are the ones who have defined cheekbones and jawlines. They just look far more sophisticated, elegant and EDGY! Kim looks like a chubby schoolboy :/

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    I don't think her body is chubby, she just has a round face. A perfect circle.

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    Are a lot of people in this thread like her friends or something cause Im still not seeing whats so great about this girl. She is average and looks a little tired in the face. Plus...from her tape she sounds like she is going to have a bit of an attitude (dude-you are not automatically smarter than 'all the other girls' cause you wrote a thesis) Not one of my automatic favorites

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    Maybe she believes she is smarter because Wesleyan is a TOUGH school.
    I bet Tyra asked her is she felt she was smarter , Kim was just answering.

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    Wesleyan is a very tough college. I think it is listed as one of the top 50 elite colleges in the United States. I'm sure getting in was fairly difficult.
    Besides, writing, and finishing a thesis paper is no easy task.
    Aside from that though, you can definitely tell that Kim is a smart person, just from the way she speaks and carries herself. It could be called arrogance or pride, but as long as she takes some good pictures I'm not going to care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coco_puff
    Are a lot of people in this thread like her friends or something cause Im still not seeing whats so great about this girl.
    I'm not!! But I think I'd like to be friends with her. I think (like most of these girls) her talents will be more obvious once the show airs. Right now it's hard to see it (for me it's hard to see it in any of these girls except for Kim, for others, vice versa). For the record, I don't think Kim will win, because I don't think her face is what CoverGirl is looking for. A big part of me thinks Kyle is the winner.
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    Another thing that lowers her chances of winning are that all of the last 3 winners have had short hair (naima, eva, yoanna) and were all able to pull it off and look femenine still. (1) The judges will seem biased towards girls with short hair if she wins and (2) she wouldn't hold a candle to any of the others who pulled off the short hair much better.
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    missing Sara

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    As per her contract with America's Next Top Model, contestant Kim Stolz can't grant us an exclusive interview until results are announced. But GO NYC associate editors Jessie and Vickie, who happen to be the supermodel-to-be's school pals, have the inside scoop: Kim wears boxers (sometimes), has a girlfriend and does a mean Justin Timberlake impression. And yeah, she's really that hot in person!

    Politically active Stolz interned for two summers with out New York City Council member Christine Quinn, and graduated from Wesleyan with a degree in government. Obviously, she votes -- and so should you. GO get 'em, Kim!

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