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Thread: Cycle 5: Kim

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    FORT Fan _spaceoddity_'s Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    I FINALLY GOT IT! It's been on the tip of my tounge, who Kim resembles...there's a little bit of Scarlett Johannson, a little bit of Charlize Theron...but most of all:<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">


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    I take back all that I said about her being the winner. She has no chance whatsoever. She's way too awkward with her body and if she can only be comfortable acting like a man, then where is the versatility?? That being said, I like her, but not as much as I hoped I would.

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    the bluest eye bonsaibutterfly's Avatar
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    She should never have gotten this far. Maybe she'll surprise me, but I doubt it.

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    with the walk like that she definitely won't win, but if she learns well, she'll learn how to walk!

    and OMG, she looks so pretty with the make-up during her narrative-interview

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    I think the winner will be Kim, Coryn, or Lisa, just based on the "diamond in the rough" theme this cycle. Tyra has also made a comment that this year's winner is a real Cinderella. That could easily be Kim, IMO.

    ETA: Aside from that hideous picture (much worse than Lluvy's fish; right there with Kelle's platypus) and her laughable walk, I like her better than before, and can see some potential there. She's somewhere in the middle of the pack for me.
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    Kim face is just so beautiful
    I forgive her horrid picture because her hair was terrible.
    And I lover her personality to.

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    WoW, I thought oh uh Kim as three pages. And I wondered how many people are like "Oh no she didn't" when she said she was gay. Big woopy doo she's gay, that's lovely, that's life, get over it and live with it. From that aside.
    I love her, her personality is so incrediable. Her pictures however, were border line iffy. I want to see great things for her in the future.
    "Walking on poetry...she's a monologue in shakespearean tragedy"

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    shes AWESOME. i LOVE her! & she already pimpin wit them girls, lol.

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    she looks like Green DAy' s lead singer, billy joe

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    LoL.. but i like her portfolio but her close ups was better than a posture of the pic.

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