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Thread: Cycle 5: Cassandra

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    I don't think she is forgettable, but I am not joining her love train. She just has too many things working against her. They are not going to pick a short girl so soon after picking Eva, and her pageantry background is not going to help her, like she thinks. And she strongly resembles Nicole, who IMO is a much more fierce competitor.

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    I did not see this one coming at all!!! Cassandra is the b**** of the house? And she seemed so nice in the interviews. I loved the conversation between her and Lisa though. Her picture was over-rated. I now suspect she will be around if, for no other reason, comic relief.

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    Her facial features kind of remind me of Tatiana.

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    Very pretty, snooty, prissy control-freak. Showed talent and versatility in her superhero photo.

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    i hate when people complain and criticise everything like she did - "oh this is crap, and this is bad, and this looks bad and that's no good".... well, according to how they edited her at least she's very very annoying. i wouldn't call her a robot or anything like that, cuz that's pretty harsh. i just hope she grows up, cuz she's definitely with a potential, this picture (as well as jewelry box picture) has shown it!

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    She's is no doubt one of the prettiest girls there, but her personality is so off-putting that there is absolutely no chance of her winning. Nice photo though!

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    Ewww, "Miss. Texas", not that I don't like texas, I just don't like pagent people (IE Robin from C1). She is really creepy, like when Lisa talked to her about her, and she was like, creppy.
    "Walking on poetry...she's a monologue in shakespearean tragedy"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beautiful_Caius
    Ewww, "Miss. Texas", not that I don't like texas, I just don't like pagent people (IE Robin from C1). She is really creepy, like when Lisa talked to her about her, and she was like, creppy.
    She has a gorgeous face (a little pinched though) and she'd do well selling cosmetics and beauty. Her body sucks, considering she's only 5'7. Her arms and legs are a bit disporportionate and her body doesn't look like a Top Model's... at least Eva who was 5'7 had a great model body! Cassandra has the same body as Jenascia (short limbs).

    I can't stand this girl guys, sorry, she's the type of preppy snooty girl that I just can't understand. I see her personality being Catie (C2) meets Robin (C1). I'm ashame she has this "Diva" attitude because she could be an extremely successful petite model.

    At least she'll be entertaining. I wonder how "bad" her makeover was that she had to cry about it.

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    Doesn't bug me as a finalist

    I have been involved in the Texas pageant circle and pageants in general myself, so I'm interested to find out how she does.

    However, I can attest to the fact that pageants can really hurt a girl who is trying to break into modeling. When I first signed with a modeling agent, I was proud of competing and thought it would benefit me, but she told me NEVER to disclose my pageant background because clients would run the other way. So I have known this little tidbit for quite some time.

    Cassandra, on the other hand, is entirely too proud of two things that make her stand out like a sore thumb - she is from Texas and the pageant thing.

    For those who have never been involved in pageants, well, she already managed to display what we insiders refer to as "pageant pattiness", or in other words, the robotic characteristics of someone whose whole life revolves around pageants and winning them. Tyra called her out about it (when she was talking about how she had such a perfect time during the shoot, and she offered up all that "positive" information on her own...), and then the roommates who said the same ("...where does she recharge her batteries?")

    Anyway, Cassandra is neither the most beautiful nor the ugliest, but she will be interesting to watch (at least for me) because I will be eager to see if she manages to shed the excess training that she has had over the years in her pageant life...all the stuff that makes die-hard pageant girls unlikable and taken away any semblance of being a human being.

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    The only thing that really bothered me about her was she complained about the mansion being filthy after looking at her feet, but then they showed her with her feet on the counter, and she says she grew up priveleged, I call BS. Though I did love her quote, it was true ANTM gold. But I think she should have been sent home last night IMO.

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