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Thread: Cycle 5: Cassandra

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    what i screencapped

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    I have to say, I think Cassandra looks worse. Short would be great, but that blonde is just so brassy, she looks like a 'fun' soccer mom, not sexy. I agree with Tyra that shorter may make it better, because she's styling it so *high* at the moment that it looks insane. I can see why she cried so much. Twiggy was given a sort of sexy schoolboy look when she had all of her hair cut off, and Twiggy had those eyes, but Cassandra doesn't really have big features. I think you need a pixie-ish little face wiht great bone structure (like Cassandra has), but you also need big silent movie star features. That's why Twiggy and Winona Ryder suit the crop better. Although having said that, so does Sharon Stone, and her features are very neat and small. I'm rambling: just flatten the hair.

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    She looks so much better with that haircut and colour! She's growing on me too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by funkalicious
    She looks so much better with that haircut and colour! She's growing on me too!
    I agree with your comments. Me too. I just hope that Cassandra's still in the game, and not bitch/moan about her long-lost har.
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    i think Catie's hair is better than Cassandra's

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    Cassandra is WAY better looking than Catie, although Catie had the right height. Caties eyes always look dead to me.

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    denise xx
    Catie looks terrible in that picture. Her face looks like a boy's.

    But I think Cassandra's haircut makes her look so much better! I think it should be shorter, but it really emphasizes her bone structure and the blonde hair/eyebrows fix that severe eyebrow thing she had going on in her face. She resembles Elyse slightly. I didn't like her at all before, and I thought she was sort of ugly, but she looks great now. I hope she gets out of her pageant-mode a little, or at least realizes that it's making her into a robot! I like that ANTM made her get out of her box so much (well, of course). I wish they had done that with Kim some more. Although she would have looked pretty crazy with long hair.

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    Cassandra will never be able to be the model that Catie is/was! She doesn't have 20 % of Catie's versatility! The black and white beauty shot is the first picture in Catie's portfolio which is something. She even got her first post show solely based on that beauty shot, well yeah and the casting. Who can pull of Marylin Monroe as good as Catie did and two photoshoots later pull of Peter Pan, even better.
    Even if Catie was a crybaby, she was the raw model material out of all girls in cycle 2!

    Catie and Mercedes have done most work out of the season two girls, which definitely confirms something.

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    Cassandra looks great, cut and color. I was expecting something not so great but was stunned at the results. Good job Tyra for calling that one. I hope Cassandra has enough sense to drop this pageant nonsense and listen to what the judges are telling her. Potential, that one.

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    Cassandra does look better than katie (though i do see the resemblance) i like how tyra said the hair was a little lighter and a "this short" when it was a ton lighter. She had the most dramatic color and length change in hair and even just one alone would have been hard to deal with, but she handled it pretty good
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