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Thread: Cycle 5: Bre

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    What will be interesting is to watch what happens when it comes out that Nicole didn't steal them.

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    I agree Jayla's face looked kind of guilty when Bre mentioned it. Maybe she was just surprised.

    Bre bugs me because she berates people with a holier-than-thou attitude while she is doing the same exact thing she is berating people over. Hypocritcal behavior and lack of self-awareness. Why can't she see the irony in bad mouthing Kim behind her back for bad mouthing people? Or being angry over having her food touched and then touching Nicole's food? I feel like puking when she sets herself up as judge and jury over everybody's actions but SHE gets to act however she pleases. Girl needs to grow up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glimmertwin View Post
    What will be interesting is to watch what happens when it comes out that Nicole didn't steal them.
    Totally. And until Nicole comes out and says it, I do believe there is no way Nicole took the bars. What would Bre say then? Apologise and act like shes learnt something? Cry? Be high and mighty about it and go yeah she didnt eat my bars but she's still annoying so I want to pour away her drinks and leave me alone with my decision? Cry? Decide she wants to get out of there when it comes out? Cry some more?

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    obviously - jayla stole the granola bars

    Jayla got Bre wound up about Kim last time. She's been the behind the scenes manipulator all along. she reminds me of Yoanna, who I think set Shandi up in Italy.

    if not for cassandra and her hair (screwed up timing of show, one contestant per week), lisa and the diaper (she had to be eliminated after that), she would have been gone SO long ago.

    I hate Bre, but even she takes better pictures than Jayla... Jayla's portfolio is just awful!

    this season is really dismal.

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    truly deranged

    I went from being lukewarm about Bre at the beginning, to really hating her when she got preachy... like we don't hear enough of that from Tom Cruise and Madonna... please keep it to yourself!

    now though... whoa. I think she is seriously mental. She reminded me of Frodo when she went ballistic over the red bull... kinda muttering to herself all the time with a crazy look in her eyes.

    lisa looks sane compared to her... not a good sign.

    i don't really like anyone who's left. I guess Nik or Nicole would be OK. Jayla and Bre both make me sick.

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    cringe worthy

    oh please... that fake performance was cringe worthy. She is mentally unstable

    Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddy View Post
    Bres voice, and accent alone is worth a million dollars. Add to that, the fact that she is very physically attractive, sweet, well spoken, well mannered, and good at thinking on her feet under pressure, and you have one hell of a lot of potential.

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    me too

    yeah... the show no longer interests me... this episode sealed it for me... I'm not watching anymore. Got studying to do anyway!

    Quote Originally Posted by YeaSure View Post
    Bre is disgusting. I'm so disgusted by the show tonight. I just feel cheated...and I can't way untill Bre's herself on TV looking like a big idiot. Tyra is pathetic.

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    will it happen?

    You do have to wonder whether this will happen on on of these reality shows one day. Actually there was some couples show where a cheating spouse was confronted each week. Someone got stabbed - right on camera.

    Bre definitely has shown her potential to be violent to someone. It's only a matter of time - whether on the show or somewhere else.

    as mad as I was to see kim kicked off... at least she's away from that horrible place. she's talented, educated, smart... and has a rent controlled apartment in NYC! She'll be fine.

    So far the most successful person on the show has been Elyse. She didn't win and has never been on Queen Tyrant's show. She has had some really beautiful photos since the show... winning the competition doesn't really mean much. YaYa has also begun to have some interesting work out, though nowhere near as much as Elyse

    Quote Originally Posted by ANTM Mega Fan View Post
    She needs to be hospitalized. She's a sick girl. It's very sad, but given the opportunity, I really think she would killl one of her competitors (I'm dead serious-did you see her getting up on everybody last night?)

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    it was the insanity

    you know it's not even the ridiculousness of the stealing, but the REALLY, REALLY, REALLY insane way Bre was acting... I mean... just watch the show! The clips don't show it all... knocking Kim down... just evidence of someone who needs some serious help and does not have what it takes to be in a professional environment. She's a complete lunatic.

    Quote Originally Posted by DreamOf1000Cats View Post
    Surely you are joking. Stealing is taking something that isn't yours -- which is exactly what she did. You can't argue Bre out of being a little theif -- because she is. She stole therefore she is.

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    Bre seems very immature and extremely naive. Obviously she has past issues. She is still pretty though. I love her look. Just not the attitude.

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