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Thread: Cycle 5: Ashley

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    FORT Fogey ANTMADDICT99's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    I think she's the only blonde that stands out this cycle. The other blondes are so forgetable.

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    Porno Graphique bedtimestorynyc's Avatar
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    Harlem, NYC
    I agree, she grows on me the more i look at her! And love love love it that she knows a lot about fashion!!!!

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    So far the best looking,just hope the way she acts goes with her outter beauty

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    Lipstick and Callous GlitterGabi's Avatar
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    Glasgow, Scotland
    Her hair looks quite ginger to me! Which is a plus But yes striking face, I am worried about her body, she looks thick. I really hope she does well. Her polaroid is great, for a polaroid
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    Ashley is definitely moving up on my list. Apart from being very photogenic, she also seems to have a great personality; I can see her becoming the narrator of this cycle, like Elyse was on Cycle 1 and Eva on Cycle 3. Suffering from a mild(ish) case of verbal diarrhea myself and also having lost a lot of weight recently, she's certainly someone I can relate to. There seems to be some substance to her rants as well, which is nice.
    "There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more" (Morrissey)

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    right now .. she is my 2nd fave blonde after sarah. i have a feeling sarah will do well because a real blonde hasnt won yet

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    I don't think she was wrong with not helping Kim with make-up, but she didn't need to be so blunt about Kim doing bad in the photo shoot. And I am not a fan of Kim's, but that was just plain b****y. Did I see her being eliminated? No. Will I miss her? NO.

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    the bluest eye bonsaibutterfly's Avatar
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    She doesn't look blonde to me. Her hair has a reddish color. I think she is gorgeous and had her in my pre-show top 5. I hate that she is gone! I think Tyra was getting her back for saying her family had a "pretty gene."

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    I thought that she was the prettiest on camera out of all the girls. But the judges were right. Being pretty isn't gonna get you to be a top model. She's also not striking at all in photographs. She kinda reminded me of that girl from Veronica Mars too. I think that she has a good face for acting.

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    Nik.Nicole.Bre.Lisa bhanson's Avatar
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    I thought Ashley's photo was one of the better ones. However, she was a pretty huge BIATCH, and her voice grated on my reserve-nerves.

    Im a little torn about her leaving though .

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