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Thread: Cycle 5: Ashley

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    Re: Cycle 5: Ashley

    Hey Richard told to come here and answer a question....I guess its the pervert question, First Ms. J said it and she/he said that I look liked I had just been "F*%^ed" They actually like my pic saying it was artsey, NIgel said nonthing nasty but did say that I looked like a professional model so he was not rude or sexually raunchey with me. All the judges are nice to your face but then you know what they were really thinking or find ut what excuse they used to kick you off when you see thew show. Editing is their god. If there is anything else feel free to ask I wont hold back and check me out on!!! Thanks for all the support!!

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    Re: Cycle 5: Ashley

    Thank you for your answer! It honestly doesn't surprise me that Ms.J would say something like that. He's gotten a little better as the cycles have gone on but in C5 he never had anything constructive to contribute other than snarky remarks. I never quite understood why you were eliminated, I loved that superhero picture. I'm not trying to kiss ass or anything. I liked Sarah too. Anybody can see that you performed better that week though.

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    Re: Cycle 5: Ashley

    I love Ashley.

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