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Thread: Cycle 5: Ashley

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    Thanks for answering my question Ashley

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    Ann Markley: my top model Astridr's Avatar
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    Thanks for joining us on the boards Ashley. Would have loved to see you stick around longer and catch more of your model action. I hope you get lots of luck finding an agency after it! When are you actually allowed to start finding modelling job after the elimination?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckaroo
    nope all for show. I mean we played with the stuff alot...the hats and belts but when we first came in we tought that we got to pick some clothes or something but we were wrong
    Those cheap bastards!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    I'm not convinced this is Ashley :S!!Providing a personal picture would really make us all believers!!

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    It IS Ashley.

    And thanks, Ashley, for sharing your story and giving us the 'inside' scoop.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Ashley you looked GREAT on Tyra's show yesterday you really looked amazing and you explained the preaty gene a bit more

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    Should have been around longer. At least past Ebony!!!

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    Ashley, I said it before but you were seriously the hottest girl on the show and your voice is amazing. I am totally straight and engaged, but if I wasn't you would be the girl for me. I was so sorry to see you leave first but I really hope you persue modelling because you are just amazine.

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    Looking at this week's photoshoot, I definitely missed Ashley. I also think that Lisa's makeover did nothing but make her look like Ashley. I think there's something to it that Ashley already had a good "look" and wouldn't be a total transformation in the makeovers, which seems to embarass Tyra & co.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeYou
    Should have been around longer. At least past Ebony!!!

    Her face is gorgeous! I wonder how she'd look if she was still a big girl; she'd be an amazing plus-size model! Her body right now was a bit wide for me but I just can't stand it - her face is very stunning. Maybe Ashley should move into acting instead of modeling..

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