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Thread: Contestants who didn't make it to the cut

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    Quote Originally Posted by narcisse
    Yes, but Regina was also a bit too heavy to be a "regular model" and too light to be a "plus size model." She was a pear (as in pear shaped).
    I was thinking the same thing. She had such a strange shape to her body, clothing would never have fit her correctly. And yes, she was the one who Tyra said something like "she should put on some weight and become a plus-sized model". Looking at the way Regina is proportioned though, I wonder if putting on weight would have been even worse - it seems that the weight may have gone to the wrong places.

    Anyway, glad to see Regina is working. She was so crushed when she was cut from ANTM.

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    Rachel was crushed, too - I still remember her crying in the bathroom. She, as I recall, was somewhat heavier in the auditions than she appears in her portfolio pictures. Anyways, I really liked her & I'll be looking forward to seeing her on Project Runway.
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    Does anyone have any information about Mary? (Tried out for cycles 3 and 4) She had the misfortune of being on season 3-where she was passed over for Toccara-and season 4 where they wanted two plus sizes. I really think she has a lot of potential.

    And if it's no trouble-where did you all find these pictures of the contestants who didn't make the cut? Regina, Nargis, Rachel...Their great!
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    i love raechel. i seen her neighborhood hoodie ad and took it from the store. it was on a little postcard.

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    Remember the eliminated asian girl Susanna (who made it to the top 30) of ANTM Cycle 5? Her's a recent pic of her that I found on her myspace...I'm surprised that I find her pretty cause when she auditioned I thought she wasn't attractive at all.

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    Thanks jnccrs. She looks best in the top one. I remember her now, from what I recall, she seemed a teensy bit neurotic and anxious. Like a high-strung little lapdog. Boy, would she have been fun to have in the house.
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    Regina and Susanna should have replaced Kim and Sarah!!!

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    Susanna was the one who said she had to have one of her breasts removed right? I think she is a hero for all she had gone through and would have been an inspiration.
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    Susanna just wasn't tall enough. She looked like she was shorter than Cassandra.

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    Susanna was the one who said she had to have one of her breasts removed right?
    Yup she was the one.

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