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Thread: 4/27 show discussion

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    Thats a little freaky . lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by DagnyTaggart
    Kahlen was all like, "I see Black People." (sixth sense voice inflection). That chick is scared of everything - and she is incredibly judgmental. I know everyone on this board loves loves loves Kahlen - someone in one post was going on about the purity of her heart and how she touches people blah blah blah - she seems like a fine, normal girl. She's not America's Next Top Messiah - she is not mother theresa - she's just a chick who probably plays up her small-town-ness a bit for effect, makes some pretty funny comments, photographs well, DOES NOT look like Linda Evangelista as has been suggested, and shows detest for anything that has not been officially tested and approved by her. She strikes me as the kind of girl who will talk about another person for doing something until she tries it herself and realizes it's okay after all.

    I like Kahlen, but I don't see the greatness that others here do.
    I'm finding her to be way too hyped up by people. Same thing happened to Naima, but now some people have switched camps. She was cuter when not so many people were screaming, "I want to be Kahlen's baby mama!" Seriously, I thought I was the only person who doesn't see it and doesn't get it. It being Kahlen's mass appeal. I don't find her that funny, either. She's kind of a plain girl that takes some good pics. I felt for her with her friend dying, but I'm still not going to proclaim my love for her anytime soon.

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