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Thread: ANTM Ep. 9 Recap: The Elephant Who Forgot to Watch Her Weight

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    You and me, baby, ainít nothiní but mammals, so letís model like they do on the Discovery Channel!

    I Wanna Pose You Like an Animal

    (coincidentally, this is the same training technique they use to get Nolť into the judging room every week),

    Brittany, who is posing with the addition of extra stick limbs, at first appears ďstiltedĒ [bwa hahahaóthat last pun brought to you the American Association for Recappers Desperate to Find Humor in Any Situation]
    Well, I think it's a gift to find humor in any situation, not desperation at all! Snowie, that was one excellent, funny and entertaining recap! You rawk!

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    !! haha that was too good..i was drinking water and splashed it all over my screen great job

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