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Thread: Meet the "Top Models" of this message board!

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    Meet the "Top Models" of this message board!

    I hope this doesn't go against the board rules, if so please delete and I am sorry..

    With more and more people posting, I was thinking we should have a thread to get to know the board members. Post a picture of yourself if you want and or information about yourself, maybe your favorite non reality model, favorite model this season of ANTM, or favorite all time model on ANTM , and photoshoot...and anything else you'd like...

    I'll post mine, when I know this thread is here to stay

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    I'm sorry, but we can't allow this thread to continue.

    We're not an ANTM fan site. Please take the time to visit our General Discussion forum and our Announcements forum. We have introduction threads, share your pictures threads, and a myriad of ways to get to know each other. There are over 31,000 members at this site; the ANTM forum is only one small portion of the site.

    The ANTM forum is for talk about the currently running show - period. When the cycle finishes, this forum will be archived, and no posting will be allowed other than news.

    Look around the site, especially the non-TV forums, if you want to engage in more general conversation. Many of your fellow ANTM posters do this every day and have survived the experience.
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