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Thread: Wild Theories: judging patterns, rag-to-riches, conspiracies SPECULATION ONLY

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    Re: Wild Theories: judging patterns, rag-to-riches, conspiracies SPECULATION ONLY

    I'm sure they did it in at least several of the cycles; all of the tope five or six would walk the fake fashion show.
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    Re: Wild Theories: judging patterns, rag-to-riches, conspiracies SPECULATION ONLY

    In cycle one, they hadn't learned how to be sophisticated with the UPN website and you could actually just change the name of the picture file and the secret photos would come up. There were several contestants that walked in the Baby Phat show; I think it was Kesse, Robyn, Elyse, Shannon and Adrianne. They took photos of them all, put them on the website, and after the final aired, they only activated the ones with Shannon and Adrianne. But when you would look at the website, you could see filenames like "final07.jpg" and "final13.jpg". Someone here had the idea to just change the url to end in "final08.jpg" and voila! There were the pictures of Elyse, Kesse, and Robyn. I think there was even one of Mrs. J.

    Too bad they went high tech and hired someone a little more savvy by the time season two rolled around.
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    Re: Wild Theories: judging patterns, rag-to-riches, conspiracies SPECULATION ONLY

    Quote Originally Posted by Naptown730;1366484;
    Ever since the finale of ANTM3 and SI: Swimsuit Edition Model Search, I have realized that the winners have been tough tomboys who came from rough backgrounds. Do you think that producers look for a rags-to-riches story to sell their shows more to viewers?
    Not necessarily. I think the primary determing factor is ratings pure and simple. If they decide that a rags to riches story is good for a particular cycle given the types of women available they will do it. The formula given worked for cycle 8 which expains in large part why Jaslene won. However, I do not believe this was the case in cycle 6. In cycle 6 I have what I call "the girl from the mall as great white hope for UPN network which failed" hypothesis which is that casting agents were either sent by UPN itself or by Tyra under pressure from the network to scout a specific type of woman at the mall to be the preplanned winner of cycle 6. However, for reasons that we can only guess at(as many of you know I have my own ideas on this), "Operation Woman Scouted at the Mall" failed and then the ANTM and UPN masterminds had to come up with an "emergency plan B" in which either Jade,Joanie or Danielle would be the winner. BTW I can only use cycles 6,7 and 8 as examples because I was late in becoming a fan of ANTM;I have only been a fan since C6.
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