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Thread: ANTM4 Ep. 8 Recap: The Greedy Girl Who Went to Her Grave

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    Malice Mizer and Anne Frank in the same recap! Who else could pull that off but the fabulous Snowy? Thank you, as always.

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    Great recap, SnowflakeGirl! Loved it.

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    SFG wrote:

    …The girls look terrified, and I could swear I saw them all collectively flinch whenever Tyra made any sudden movements.
    Shocked to be in the presence of an actual celebrity (sorry, Jann) the “starstruck” Brittany “cannot even function.”
    Too, too funny.

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    I love this show!

    I absolutely love this show! Even though I get so aggravated with it. Last week I really figured that Christina would be the next to go, but actually (notice I said actually just like she did, about 100 times), she is beginning to grow on me.
    I like her less and less every week. I am going to be so disappointed if she wins. She is so trashy!
    I think Naima is beautiful. She seems classy and very professional. I like her. I thought her shot was sort of boring and didn't envoke "envy" at all.
    I do not like Michelle at all either. She seems like someone who has a lot of mental problems, like there is something going on that we (the viewers) are not seeing.
    I like the shot, she has a great body. They are always complaining that the is very businesslike, but a model should be businesslike.
    Keenyah was my favorite in the beginning, but now she seems to have an attitude problem. She seems cocky and she hasn't taken a descent shot in a few weeks.
    I would have loved to be able to see what Britta and Rebecca could have done with these shots. Lluvy would be fun to see too.
    **also, am I the only one that had this ear deafening screech throughout the whole episode for the last two weeks? It is killing me, but I can't not watch.

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    Fantastic recap, snowflakegirl. You had a lot of really great lines. Just a few of my favorites:

    She backpedals on her angry blow-up, playing it sweet and kind, like the way a domestic abuser comes back all apologies and ‘Baby, I love you, it won’t happen again.’ The girls look terrified, and I could swear I saw them all collectively flinch whenever Tyra made any sudden movements.

    If Michelle weren’t so sweet, I would say maybe there was black magic involved, with the t-shirt wiping Tatiana’s brain clean, rendering her unable to ask questions.

    If you ask me, however, I’m not sure if she’s dancing, or wrestling them into submission holds.

    She has instructed the girls, that if they don’t know what to say, they should keep talking until something develops. It is a wildly ineffective technique commonly employed on shaky first dates by drunken suitors.

    Kahlen says Christina is “probably one of the sweetest girls in the house,” and I am filled with deep remorse over every psycho-eye joke I’ve ever made. That’s remorse, but not regret, because c’mon those eyes are CRAZY LIKE A FOX! [Cut to clip of Christina cutting through steel with her laser glare.]

    Janice seconds that emotion by saying she sees no problem with drunken tabletop dancing, as she does it herself. It’s official, Brittany has to have the same DNA as this woman.

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    Snowy I you, thank you very much! This forum is nothing without your bootylicious recaps!

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    I always look forward to Friday nights. Besides it being the end of another work week I know that I will have another of your brilliantly witty recaps of ANTM to come home too. It's a perfect antidote to dealing all week with people whose IQ's are the same as their shoe sizes (and that's the managers).

    Thanks again for the chance to laugh my cares away.

    I do have to disagree with you about Janice's lust demonstration however. The woman has the same affect on me as an icy cold shower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by William13
    I do have to disagree with you about Janice's lust demonstration however. The woman has the same affect on me as an icy cold shower.
    I think the reference was to sexy Nigel, not Janice.

    I love zombie flicks too and thought Michelle was funny, not creeppy.

    But she did look like a dead ringer for Anna Nicole.

    And Keenyah must have stolen those donuts because I don´t see how she could have gained 10 pounds so quickly otherwise.

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    What a convenient way to justify wasting the first ten minutes of the hour recycling last week’s footage!

    Who are you, generic blonde TV presenter? Are you the airhead who turns the letters, or the ditz who chose to wear Wendy’s Cheeto-colored Big Bird ensemble on Project Runway?

    Generic, bland, blonde Jann seems to want to turn everyone into fake, smiling ET clones like herself, like Borg for quasi-celebs.

    (is that a tattoo or a UPC price code I spy on Kahlens side?),

    Speaking of, imagine if Tiffany had made it to this challenge, the screams of excitement would probably break every bit of glass in the room, and she might have cold-cocked whoever was standing next to her. Probably better that she did go home last week, if only for safety purposes.

    I don’t mean to overshare, but I had to change my bloomers after that scene!
    Brava!! Bellissima recap! I appreciate your efforts, especially since it's been such a rocky season. A Project Runway and a Star Trek reference in the same recap? You have my heart.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    on everything! Too much to quote from that had me laughing.

    Great recap SFG!! ( especially the actually stuff from beginning to the end)
    The Pats will be back next year. Watch out.....

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