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Thread: 4/20 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Tyra should get all measured up and weighed on the show.. I would think she is going to qualify for +size soon.. She must of put on 15+pds since Cycle 1.

    But then again, she can eat as much as she wants since she is already an established model.. but I would still like to see her a little slimmer, for models sake.

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    off topic - LOVE the av, xToNiCx.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DagnyTaggart
    I love how both times when Christina comforted Kahlen, she started picking stray weave hairs off of Kahlen's clothing. It was so sweet - like a monkey showing its love through grooming its partner.
    Good one

    I really liked Christina for being so genuinely nice, so now I am rooting for her to win. I was hoping earlier on that she would get over that staring problem with her eyes, and she does seem to be improving. (My brother's eyes look like that sometimes when he wears his contacts -- I wonder if Christina wears contacts.) I also thought she looked plausible as an interviewer, so maybe she could get a job on ET if she doesn't win Top Model.

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