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Thread: Who will have a career after season 4

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    Who will have a career after season 4

    I have been seeing work from some of the season3 girls, Eva, Yaya, Kelle, Toccarra, and Ann... I don't remember previous season's girls appearing after the show ended...but I didn't watch them like I did 3 (which got me hooked). Who do you see going on, doing what?

    For example... Christina, I see in TV commercials... The Mom with young kids showing off the amazing cleaning power of some Bleach enriched scrubber before she hops into the mini-van to do the soccer, ballet, violin lesson shlupping of her monsters. Rebecca... Catalog and Runway work... Tiffany... (I don't wanna say...) Naima...print and runway work. Michelle, Print and fashion correspondant work. Keenya, all of the above. Brittany... and Brita...Victoria's Secret. Lluvy...print work: Young hipster scene (Luv her!). Noelle...will raise her kid and get fat and bitter (kidding)... Tatiana, print work. Kahlen, print and runway...maybe fashion correspondant...she's so likeable. Brandy...don't want to comment...Sarah...print work...NO WALKING ALLOWED... I, a 230 pound stonemason, can do a better runway walk than she does! And your opinion?

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    Michelle and Lluvy will have HUGE Careers.

    Christina as a spokeswoman..... no way! NO WAY!


    I love the girl, but her voice would put baby baa baa sheepie sheepies asleepie sleepy!

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    I think it's possible that Naima, Kahlen and Keenyah will find work after the show. Christina will likely become an actual soccer mum, versus a televised one. Brittany has an agent, as we know, so she will find work for a time anyway. She is photogenic, and would do well with the commercial stuff (lingerie obviously). Brita should find work, she may be old, but she is beautiful. Michelle is a monster (visually) and will not get hired.

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    My picks: Rebecca-- has the body to do substantial work; Brittany-- don't know what area, but she'd do well; Lluvy could go into acting, but I wouldn't mind seeing her model; I also think Keenyah, Naima (who seems to be popular), and Tiffany could go far.

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    maybe will find some work...
    Brittany...very tall, pretty face that can be worked with
    Kahlen...good body, versatile look, but could be taller
    Rebecca...most high fashion body
    Tatiana...good face, but like Kahlen she could be taller

    probably not...
    Christina...face is too severe
    Naima...not a great body, so-so pictures, bland face that doesn't have enough definition
    Brandy...bad attitude, plus look is an "aquired taste"
    Kennyah...not impressive in person, body could be better

    not gonna happen...
    Tiffany...good body, but bad face and bad pictures
    Michelle....some impressive pictures but absolutely horrible in person
    Brita...too old, body is not up to par
    Lluvy...her look is too unique and doesn't photograph well at all
    Noelle...just doesn't look like a model in any way, and I hate to say it, but starting a career with a child is not easy
    Sarah...her look just isn't that of a models in terms of both face and body

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    Best options (post show):
    Brandy: Different face with a beautiful bone structure. Perfect body and walk to match. Individual style which will definitely work.

    Kahlen: Great body and walk. Commercial face but versatile enough.

    Michelle: Most interesting features along with Brandy. Tall and photogenic. Has to lose some weight (which she did post the show according to the profile at her wrestling site). She's young.

    Need improvement:
    Keenyah: Needs to lose that beer belly and weight in general.

    Naima: Lose weight, although I'm not so sure about the ability of taking a good photo or being versatile enough.

    Rebecca: Go black and cut that hair short. Definitely a runway model.

    Tatiana: Print and commercial. I don't know yet if her height is 5'10 or 5'7, which is a big difference.

    No way:
    Brita: Old, one face.
    Brittany: Very Maxim/Play Boy/Stuff/Porno
    Christina: Old, one face.
    Lluvy: Could be suited for runway/commercial but definitely not print.
    Noelle and Tiffany: Yeah right!
    Sarah: Nope, very old looking.

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    I actually disagree (respectfully, of course!) with a lot of you. I see a lot of potential in the girls this season. I think what it comes down to is the drive of the model, getting a good agent and agency, and the wants and needs of the industry. After seeing how well Ann has done after Season 3, I think a lot of ANTM is hyped up for drama. Since Russians are dominating the modeling scene, I think Tatiana has a chance. She is also young. And Michelle could do runway, easily. I think some designers would like her uniqueness! And Brittany is very commercial. I could see her doing catalogs, lingerie ads, etc. We'll see soon enough, though!

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    Michelle and Kahlen, and possible Tiffany, Tatiana, and Rebecca. Michelle was already chosen by fashion editors as the most likely to make it, and Kahlen has a great walk and takes great pictures.

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    Brita-Will find work. She is getting offers from tons of places right now, she just can't accept them until the shows over. She does not have just one face. Tyra and her band of flying monkeys picked her worst shots so they could have an excuse to eliminate her. She is actually going more into acting, and I think she will be very successful. Come on-look at her! She's drop dead gorgeous! Follow her career at her official site-BritaPetersons.Com

    Michelle will have a very hard time because she isn't the prettiest, and has a bad walk, Tatiana has very big ears (Had to point it out). I wish the best for all of them though! Tiffany has a great look, but I don't know if she wants to be a model anymore. Rebecca-Probably not. She seems that she is going spend most of her time into her marriage, settling down, having kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erin_go_bragh
    Since Russians are dominating the modeling scene, I think Tatiana has a chance. She is also young.
    Tatiana isn't Russian (she may be ethnically... but then again Tatiana is a popular name outside of Russia), she was born in the USA, in Nevada!

    Who'll find work:
    Kahlen (the strongest model material out of the bunch, she can do runway, prints, ads, what have you)
    Naima (very hip, she can do runway, she can DEFINITELY be a spokesperson, she's very verbal)
    Michelle (unique face, EXTREMELY photogenic, with the proper training, she can do runway)

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