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Thread: Who will have a career after season 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by TymeMarteen
    Rebecca is only 22 thats not old, she is just coming into her prime, and she doesn't even look that old. and plus plenty of married models find great work, for example, niki taylor got married when she was 19. becca's husband is supportive as well, i look forward to seeing rebecca in the future, as i am sure i will see a lot of her.
    I agree. Looking young does count for a lot. Remember when Brita was selected, and a couple people said she looked so young. Tyra looks younger than she is, so it can be a good mark for longevity.

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    I think Naima would make a good spokeswoman, runway model, and actress. As far as print, she has to "wow" me first.

    I think Keenyah is the only other one I can see getting success in high fashion.
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    Rebecca is young IRL, but for a model trying to break into the business, 22 is ancient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bedtimestorynyc
    Tatiana isn't Russian (she may be ethnically... but then again Tatiana is a popular name outside of Russia), she was born in the USA, in Nevada!
    I know, but I think her features (when she isn't squishy-faced) are actually quite Eastern European.

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    Naima - Probably somewhere, but nothing substantial
    Brita - As an actress if she can act.
    Christina - She will continue to book print work for the one or two years left in her career.
    Brandy - Her attitude will keep her from becoming anything.
    Tiffany - Zero.
    Lluvy - Acting!
    Tatiana - She will have a substantial modeling career. Lots of print.
    Kahlen - in television commercials.
    Rebecca - A good working model. Lots of opportunity.
    Keenyah - High fashion working model.
    Sarah - Zero.
    Michelle - I think she will actually become a top model. The sky's the limit.
    Brittany - Lots of opportunities in the industry. Hosting, V-J, commercial, sexy, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deb1430
    I can see Naima becoming an actress, spokesperson, runway

    Tatiana- runway, Victoria's Secret model

    Tiffany- with Tyra as her mentor, she'll definately land a job (which is unfair towards the other girls imo cause what's the purpose of this show if she's only willing to help Tiffany?)

    Kahlen- prints ads

    Brittany-Stuff magazine, Maxim
    Who says shes only willing to help Tiffany?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goplatinum
    Who says shes only willing to help Tiffany?

    If she would have told the other eliminated girls that she'll be their mentor as well like Rebecca, Brandy, Noelle, Sarah, Brita and Lluvy they would have surely been proud to say it in their interview but it seems to me that she's only said that to Tiffany cause Tiffany keeps on talking about it on every interview.

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    Hm, Still doesnt sound like proof to me.

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    For some reason, I think maybe Michelle will move into the wrestling realm. I actually think she's a very pretty girl (and, no, I'm not smoking anything) and will get quite a few offers.

    Brita will probably have a good career. She has the face of a movie star. And I think Naima and Kahlen (who is constantly compared to Carmen Kass) will bode well in fashion.

    I think Rebecca was robbed, and I definitely see her doing print ads and/or commercials. She's well-spoken, and the "safe" image will probably sell to a mass amount of people.

    As for the rest, I'm not sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midnight sky
    I think Rebecca was robbed, and I definitely see her doing print ads and/or commercials.
    I hope you're right! Not so much because I love Rebecca, but because I'd almost pay at this point for one of the eliminated girls to make it HUGE so people can shove it in Tyra's face. Tyra has not managed to produce a true "Top Model" yet. Here's hoping one of the elminated girls does it on her own (well, kinda.) It's bound to least I hope!
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