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Thread: Who will have a career after season 4

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    Wow, Brita looks really good on the website. She should have stayed longer...

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    I liked Brita so much, she had a ton of potential, and i know that she didn't deserve to get cut over Brandy! Brandy's mood was off 24/7, she picked fights (Drama, drama..drama!), took terrible photos, and Brita's nostrils flared, which she could have worked on controlling if they ever gave her another chance!

    Also, i don't get this...How come they gave Lluvy 3 chances to prove herself and control the way her eyes came in pictures, but they immediately rid Brita..?

    I think that's really unfair, and the drama Brandy brought was just annoying, she reminds me of a new Ebony from Cy.1

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    Brita was breathtakingly gorgeous, but she committed THE unforgivable sin - she gained weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aga
    Brita was breathtakingly gorgeous, but she committed THE unforgivable sin - she gained weight.
    It really is too bad. She's obviously got talent based on the photo on her site. Her eyes look through the camera and connect with the viewer.

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    Naima and Tiffany will appear on dumb UPN sitcoms. Possibly Kahlen as well, because even though she doesn't fit the demographic, she's got a very magnetic, sparkly personality.

    If Tatiana can overcome her lack of polish and probable self esteem issues, she could have a chance (unless she realyl is only 5'7"). If Rebecca were younger and not married, she could be a possibility.

    And I have NO idea about Michelle.
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    Wow, can you imagine if Brita was 10pds lighter and 5yrs younger.. she would be a seller, I'll tell ya that.

    Even with her current weight, age.. she might be able to get a few modeling jobs, but nothing major.

    I really don't like predicting careers, because the modeling business is so hard to break into.. All I can say is, nothing is a guarantee and these girls will have to work extremely hard if they want to make it in the real world.

    I believe only the most determined girls will really make it.. but I guess we'll never know until the show's over.

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    I can really see Naima, Kahlen, Brittany, Tatiana, Rebecca, and Brita doing something after the show. I can maybe see Michelle, Lluvy, Tiffany, & Christina. I don't think that Brandy, Noelle, or Sarah. comment. But most of them I can see having a career after this.

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    I can see Naima becoming an actress, spokesperson, runway

    Tatiana- runway, Victoria's Secret model

    Tiffany- with Tyra as her mentor, she'll definately land a job (which is unfair towards the other girls imo cause what's the purpose of this show if she's only willing to help Tiffany?)

    Kahlen- prints ads

    Brittany-Stuff magazine, Maxim

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmar
    If Rebecca were younger and not married, she could be a possibility.
    Rebecca is only 22 thats not old, she is just coming into her prime, and she doesn't even look that old. and plus plenty of married models find great work, for example, niki taylor got married when she was 19. becca's husband is supportive as well, i look forward to seeing rebecca in the future, as i am sure i will see a lot of her.

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    What's a fashion correspondant?

    Lluvy and Michelle would definitely get work as haute couture models!
    I totally agree that Naima and Tiffany will become UPN sitcoms regular guests.
    Tatiana will get print and commercials.
    Rebecca and Lluvy (and maybe britt) will get runways.
    Britta, Brittany and Tiff could go into swimsuit modelling

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