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Thread: ANTM4 Ep. 7 Recap: The Birds of a Feather Who Fell Apart Together

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    Sorry for the late recap, you know how “real life” can get in the way.
    You were preoccupied with gazing at the Monica Belluci spread in the latest Elle, weren't you? Hmmm. Snowcaps are great anytime they arrive!

    Michelle and Tatiana each get gorgeous diamond rings, whose beauty they can enjoy long after the competition is over, and perhaps pawn, if necessary, so they don’t have to sleep in their car or on the beach next time they’re homeless, thereby avoiding one of Rebecca’s murderous black-out bum sprees.
    Great job!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Oooh I've been away from FORT for so long!

    Reading your recaps is the perfect way to catch up with ANTM news especially since I can't watch the show itself

    Thanks for the great recaps as usual

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    Frankly, I think that this show is going off the deep end. Tyra Banks can't get enough of herself and not only that she has to decide if she is truly doing a show about casting a viable candidate to be ANT model or doing some kind of social experiment. Maybe she should have called her show from Ghetto to Gold and that would make more sense. I think it was totally inappropriate for her to yell at this totally inept candidate to start with. She was totally NOT a good candidate for this show and it makes one wonder who was left behind as a result of Tyra being bent on having this girl there so much that she sent her to anger management? Gave her a second chance? Put up with her every week? What's up with that?

    Also, the way that they criticized Rebecca for the same stuff ALL of them have been guilty of makes me think this was personal somehow as if we are going to get rid of Tiffany, we must get rid of a white girl and be really mean to her EVERY week. Rebecca's pictures were often the best of the bunch and frankly showed just as much talent or lack thereof as the rest of them. Why did they pick on her so much? It does almost make you think that Tyra or someone was jealous of this very cute and sweet girl.

    It's sort of a joke anyway, America's Next Top Model? ROFL Yeah right, the only one even being promoted is Eva and that makes me wonder as well. Maybe this show should be more like Queen for a Day because after that no one ever sees you except as a commentator on some show like Fashion Police or Worst Opps on the Red Carpet and then only for 5 second snips. Not only that some of them are just sadly too old to be considered ANTM. This business is so much about the REALLY young that starting out it seems you would have to be 19 or 20 and not much over that-again SADLY!!!

    Don't get it.

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    Self-defeating behavior is slowly eating away resolve. Despair and anxiety are settling in. People’s personalities are starting to unravel. And I’m just talking about me!

    Slumped over and faces crumpled with worry, they look more like hardened criminals in a prison yard (jailed, perhaps, for a bum-killing spree?) than fresh-faced model would-bes.

    Because you never know when you might be hired to travel back to 19th century Eng-er-land to be a spokesmodel for a chimney-sweeping company.

    Except Cockney Michelle sounds…exactly like American Michelle. Can she get a refund for those 4 years? It somehow didn’t take.

    Michelle, honey, they were asking if you’d had thespian, thespian experience, not—oh, never mind.

    …a sexalicious photo shoot for Wonderbra with toothy but hunky male model (!) Rib (!!) Hillis, who saunters out in boxer-briefs that prominently display his sizeable meat package (!!!).

    Michelle’s Wonderbra photo is wunderbar! All that frantic tussling produced a powerful shot of her looking like a triumphant Amazon on a carnal pony ride.
    I've got to cut this short (I haven't even finished reading yet, but I should have been out the door 5 minutes ago. Truly a spectacular recap, snowflake girl -- a pièce de résistance.

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    Rockin' recap, SFG!

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    After last week's Pootie Tang reference I have come to the conclusion that the only way that I will ever be able to fully appreciate your recaps is if they are someday they are published in an annotated version. My being a hermit prevents me from catching all the references.

    However, even if I did not pick up any of the references I would still be able to appreciate your great writing skills. Another great recap, although I found reading about the Tyrade as disturbing as watching it. I expected Tyra to turn green and burst out of her clothes.

    It's really too bad that the people behind ANTM are not as inventive and entertaining as you. Thanks for another great reading experience.

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    Another excellent summary, SFG's commentary easily exceeds the quality of the subject. Seems like there's an inverse relationship between the show and SFG's write-ups. This episode was so rich in material to mine that SFG's brief was exceptional. I wish someone from ANTM would read this board to get a shot of SFG's clear-eyed dose of humanity and reality.
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    This coming from a guy talking to Victorian street urchins while he’s in thoroughly modern clothing with not much of accent of his own. What the heck is this a scene from? Gone Back to the Future with the Wind ?

    It seems more and more that Tiffany’s resenting others for her own inability to achieve—and starting to inadvertently lash out in ways that might hurt other people (e.g. Kahlen, Keenyah; in other words, sitting too close to Tiffany could be hazardous to your health).

    Like Tiffany, I am likewise over trying to guess what the TyraMails indicate. Considering the down-market turn the show has taken, they could well be going to KFC and posing at the deep fryers.

    Christina sets her laser eyes to ‘stun’ and trains her glare upon her prey. She looks like an S&M dom about to take advantage of a powerless Rib.

    ... she climbs right on top of Rib, pins him down, grabs his hair, straddles him like he’s her dirty little donkey and pummels him into submission with her pillow.
    Hilarious recap, SnowFlakeMistress! I love your descriptions - ooh, I forgot to grab Tyra looking like an angry Klingon. I love it!

    I’m stunned and horrified! Why get rid of two? It was because they spent too much on the diamonds, isn’t it? The only person conspicuously not surprised is Tiffany, who is disturbingly expectant of failure.

    I'm with you, Snowy, stunned and horrified. And because I love you,

    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Awsome Recap!! Funny as hell!!

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    Your recaps never fail SFG! Thank You!
    I always tend to read it before I get to watch the actual episode, but sometimes the episode itselfs seems to not live up to your wonderful recap in terms of entertainment.
    Now im just dying to watch Kahlen's *look to the left* myself. ROFL

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