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Thread: Episode 7 Portfolio: Wonderbra

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    The only two I thought were decent (meaning you can see the face and the bra, and it looks artistically appealing) were Brittany and Michelle. However, I only like the far shot of Brittany (or near shot, or whatever you call it). Without the pillow-fight feathers-flyin' context, that close-up looks like it came out of a porn magazine.

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    the worst one:bage,can't see anymore~~~~~this is the photo chosing ploblem,i'm not the person who was takken picture(model),so i can say this reasonly

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    Looking at pictures is interesting...because the more I look,the less I like Brittany's shot. The face just doesnt do it for me. Michelle's and Christina's are by far my favorites
    (Im sad that Christina will be going soon because I really like her and no one else seems to :p )
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    I really like Brittany's, by far the best, and I'm not a Brittany fan (I think she looks a mess in person). Christina's is pretty good, but her nose is way too pointy (plus, as Janice said, "she has no upper lip"). I liked Kahlen's, it has a different feel than the rest, her favourite of mine so far. Keenyah's is awful, very disappointing, can barely see her face. I wonder if she became complacent after doing so well initially. Michelle's I liked initially (which is amazing cause I can't stand her), but then someone in this thread pointed out how lifeless she looks, and they're right. Naima, sadly, does look like a vampire, which will work well with the goth market! REbecca's is awful. Her legs look like sticks, her lower body is distorted,a nd her face is in the shadow. Tatiana's is pretty good, but not special. I don't know why they don't like Tiffany's. It wasn't a stand out, but it sure was better than a lot of girls who stayed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giz
    Naima, sadly, does look like a vampire, which will work well with the goth market!
    Well, aren't most vampires protrayed as sultry temptresses? I think that it worked for her.

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    Tiffany, Keenyah, Michelle had the best pictures...Tiffany and Keenyah really showed off the bra. Tiffany looked stunning how can they assume she didnt connect with him? It looks like shes trying to hit him with the pillow and hes holding her arm back so she wont! she looks amazing! They were just mad at her and wanted to continue the streak... :rolleyes Keenyah looks like shes going to kiss that made it believeable! and Michelle just looks sexy and comfortable.

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    In my opinion Brittany pic is the best!
    and all others suckkkk !!
    this is the worst photo shoot ever!
    wtf were they thinking??

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlitterGabi
    Perhaps you don't pay attention to fashion because Michelle has striking features and mile high legs so I am just going to assume you don't know what you are talking about :phhht
    I am sorry to have a different opinion, but everytime I see Michelle I think she would make an awesome body double, but her face just doesn't speak "striking" to me (I would rather say "unusual" if anything). Often I even think that she looks like she ran to a wall, and her face was weirdly flattened, and the make-up people do not seem to be able to hide it. To compare Michelle with another contestant with distinctive facial feature(s): Keenyah has a very strong jaw, but she still looks absolutely gorgeous (and I think she should be one of the finalists based on their pictures so far). Michelle just doesn't speak "top model" to me.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Brittany: La pictura pornografica, horibile! The close up is like IT'S ENOUGH, I don't want to see the rest of it.
    Christina: Very stiff and so is the nose.
    Kahlen: The best picture, great feeling and very natural.
    Keenyah: Looks plus size, no face. Simply bad!
    Michelle: The best body and the best booty The face is OK, I don't like the Tina Turner hair.
    Naima: Deformed and plus size.
    Rebecca: Looks like she's about to hit the guy in the head, no face. Great arms though.
    Tatiana: WoooooooooW what do I have here. Make a wish pretty boy.
    Tiffany: Good picture, the motion is there and so is the natural look.

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    I don't think the girls performed up to par this week, but I also don't put it all on them. I think they were victims of:
    • Bad photographer--he didn't capture them well or tell them what he needed
    • Bad lighting--Um, couldn't they set up a light on the side most of them were facing? And the location was beautiful, but you can hardly see it
    • Bad hair/makeup--Come on. Every single one of them looks like she's wearing a bad Zha Zha Gabor wig, Naima, Khalen and Michelle in particular
    • Bad direction--Did Jay even tell them to do anything?

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