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Thread: Episode 6 Photoshoot

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    Michelle and Keenyah are alone in their photo.
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    I love how this year's art direction has much more variety unlike last season.

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    Brittany: Good shot, I don't like her mouth but the pose is great (no porno 1-800-00 flowers pose or the Zodiac Playboy one). Her eyes are very much relaxed and dreamy, which I love. 7/10

    Christina: She looks very short, pose(y) and unnatural. The face is mediocre minus the hair stuck on her throat, which makes the face look very long a.k.a. project gone wrong. 4/10

    Kahlen: Upper body + the face look gorgeous but her legs are very disproportional. The shot includes closed eyes which is an unfair advantage. 5/10

    Keenyah: Her face is great but the pose is, I guess a movement pose which doesn't work. She looks stiff and uncomfortable. 6/10

    Lluvy: I like this photo, very sexy face and provocative pose. Tatiana in the background is making the photo look bad! 8/10

    Michelle: This is not because I like her or want her to come as a first runner up, it's only because this photo ROCKS! I can see this photo as a Calvin Klein ad. Michelle's face is hot and appealing, she has a great neck in it and her body looks relaxed but yet in motion. 10/10

    Naima: Looks like a man in this photo. Her face is beautiful but her body is smashed together which makes her legs look fat again! Damn I said this about her Alien photo too, which I guess can only confirm one thing. Anyway the face + the chest is working for me, close up that is but not the rest! 6/10

    Rebecca: I love this photo, very in your face (or should I say behind?) Naima looks super hot in this photo. Anyway nothing wrong with it, the body is marvelous - definitely a keeper. 9/10

    Tatiana: Beautiful close up, very mysterious and yet sexy. The whole body pose is making it a bit porno cover(ish)! Michelle in the background, oh my word! Talk about the pose and the face! I guess she had more than one good photo. 8/10

    Tiffany: Great body and pose. The face in the wider perspective looks manly or drag queen(ish). 5/10
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    Thanks for posting these. I'm not sure which one I like the best, but it may be Brittany. Her pose is the most natural. She's not trying to pose sexy (Rebecca), but looks naturally hot. Not crazy about the open mouth, but definetely the best pose.

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    I actually like Christina's pic, this one and the zodiac one are the only two where she's turned off the lasers. I think she looks smokin'.

    I like Kahlen's body pose but her face looks like a little girl's to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PriorWalter
    The last shoot was 'Got Milk?', can we PLEASE refer to this shoot as 'Got Gas?' ?
    LMAO! !!
    I Love it!

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    Rebecca always seems to have a questioning look in her face. The only photos where she managed to control her expression were the flower and milk shots. Her pose was good, but the face ruined it.

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    I hated the rain in front of some of the girls faces.. IMO, it ruined half of the shots.

    I REALLY like Tatiana's shot.. from the pose, to the face, to the chain around her neck! Whew, she is smoking!

    I actually really like Michelle's photo too, alot of people didnt like Michelle's because of the heavy eye makeup but I really do like it and I can finally say that she is actually growing on me, the only time she seems a little awkward is when she talks to people(like at the party)..

    This week is the first week, that I can honestly say that I dont think any of the girls had a "horrible" shot, most of them look good

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    Quote Originally Posted by funkalicious
    There's so much boobies in this shot!! Naima's was terrible, Tiffany too. Lluvy looks rather good here

    I just don't see that, I am getting really bored with Naima. More and more, in person, she looks really street trashy. She lost her fresh edge to me.

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    Rebecca looks exactly like one of the Olsen twins in that close-up!

    Brit & Kahlen did great.

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