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Thread: Episode 6 Photoshoot

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    The last shoot was 'Got Milk?', can we PLEASE refer to this shoot as 'Got Gas?' ?

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    Brittany and Kahlen aced this shoot, Christina, Lluvy and Tatiana did okay and the others are pretty blah.
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    for somebody that weighs 114-ish pounds, kahlen looked REALLY good. brittany looked great too. awww...and christina is growing on me.

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    Loved Naima's face. The tough look in her eyes combined with the cupid-bow lips? Great.

    Brittany, Tatiana & Christina & Kahlen all did pretty well (I'd probably pick Brittany first, or maybe Tatiana). Michelle's was so-so (not a great face). Same with Rebecca - pose was good but her face looked like she was sad and uncomfortable. Keenyah had a questioning look on her face, as if she was asking if she was doing it right, but her pose was okay. Tiffany's close-up was not good and I didn't like her pose. Naima's - I just like her face. The face alone sells it to me. Lluvy's? Just no.

    Not my favourite type of photoshoot though.
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    I loved Brittany's. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's hard to see her face through the rain.

    Christina's is good but I don't like how her hair is wrapped around her head like that, and I don't like how her hand is perched on the top of her head either. And there's something hanging between her legs which I think is distracting. Her face looks nice. Also, I wish she had the glove on the other hand but that's just me being nitpicky.

    Kahlen's is good but I don't see the hype about her and I'm never impressed with any of her photos. Plus, she looks really short in this picture. Her face is pretty but I'm never impressed by it either.

    Keenyah's isn't that impressive. Her body looks really nice but for some reason I'm not feeling the picture.

    Lluvy's I actually sort of like. Her face is quite interesting and I wish she knew more about modeling because I would have liked to see what she could do if she was more experienced. Instead of sitting in the tire, she should have been incorporating it with the truck or something.

    I like Michelle's because I just like her face. I don't like the pose or where the photograph was taken but I always like her face in her photographs.

    I'm not really feeling Naima anymore as her photos never impress me. She looks really short, like Kahlen, and I like that she looks pissed off but she looks too pissed off I think. Or maybe not but for some reason I just don't like it. And I don't get Janice saying that Naima has the best body in the competition. I think that goes to Brittany, Rebecca, or Tiffany.

    Rebbeca's I would have really liked except for the fact that I can't see her neck. Her body looks fantastic and her limbs look so long and then you get to her shoulders but afterwards it's just her head. I love the pose though and I love her face except she looks like a stoned gas station attendent. I don't get the comments about her not being edgy enough because I think she seems to fit really well with every theme so far.

    I don't like Tatiana's. I don't like how she is squatting and I never like her face in photographs which is disappointing because I had high hopes for her based on the preshow pictures. To be honest, I'm more interested in Michelle looking dead in the chair behind her.

    Tiffany's body looks fantastic but I understand the stripper comments. It looks like she's getting ready to swing around that beam. I don't like her face in this picture either but again, her body is great.
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    Why is there tons of rain in Kahlen's Christina's and Brittany's and speckles of dust in Tatiana's.
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    Be honest, only Kahlen's one is OK to me.
    Tiffany's face looks so... (I don't know how to say)

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    Naima and Tatiana did the best IMO. I love Brittany's. Nigel was right about Naima, "She may not be everyone's cup of tea but that's what makes her special." At least she turned it up a notch this week.

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    I loved how they have other girls posing with the main girls - that's Michelle in Tatiana's background, Naima is in the background of Rebecca's, and Tatiana is in Lluvy's.

    I think that it's Rebecca in the background of Tiffany's. Is that Lluvy in Naima's background?

    Tiffany is behind Christina - i think it is Keenyah behind Brittany. Oh, and that is Christina behind Kahlen. I think that is everyone...

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    Did anyone else notice that although the other model in the picture was one of our girls, they didn't really point out who. Almost like they were avoiding it. All Jay said was another girl will be in the shot, and then he would say to the other girl move over there never saying ehr name?

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