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Thread: ANTM4 Ep. 5 Recap: The Impetigo That Punked The Petty Girls

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    Did it seem to anyone else that some of the girls were either wearing contact lenses or had their eyes retouched (Rebecca, Kahlen), while some girls didn't? I think that Michelle, Lluvy and especially Christina would have looked better if their eyes had matched their new ethnicities.

    Christina looks psycho at the best of times but her blue-eyed East Indian woman made her look that much scarier.

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    SFG I am crushed and appalled that you simply eliminated Mini-SFG.

    Even a tarnished, defective mini-SFG would surely raise a fortune if auctioned off on ebay. Apart from being a valuable piece of SFG memorabilia, it's flawed state might even make it even more valuable - like one of those stamps that are printed upside down.

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    Question? Who gets Impetigo in 2005?!?!? Thats like getting Smallpox or Lepresy. Someone fill me in please!
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    Thanks, SFG. You had me giggling from the outset with "mini-SFG" and Kathy Lee Gifford on a bender. You never fail to please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    All the girls basically act like a slimy B-movie monster, like the Blob or the Creature from the Black Lagoon, is approaching and on the attack. There is the faint sound of someone moaning, “We’re all gonna die,” as the camera closes in on Noelle hunched over in some horrible, ape-like posture.

    Personally, I think Christina’s crazy, homicidal psycho eyes are only intensified by the dark East Indian makeup and dramatic black kohl eyeliner, and in closeup, she looks disturbingly like the lady creature in The Grudge.

    [i][Mini-SFG humps the furniture] No, bad Mini-SFG, bad! [sprays Mini-SFG with water bottle]
    Great Job SFG!!

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