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Thread: ANTM4 Ep.4 Recap: The Floundering Fish Who Almost Foundered

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    Ultimately, however Brandy is out (!!!). Tiffany cries, and so do I (though in my case they are tears of joy).
    Thanks for your hilarious recaps SnowflakeGirl!

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    Michelle is holding back Tiffany’s hair and Brandy is wiping her face. THAT, my friends, is friendship.
    hahah !! nice job!! too funny

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    The 12 Apostles line cracked me up so much. Great recap!

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    This week's episode of ANTM may be my least favourite. For a short time I thought that I had tuned to the Contender instead of ANTM. But I soldiered through knowing that my reward would be a greater appreciation of a SFG recap. It's the highlight of my week when I click onto FORT and the front page proclaims a new ANTM recap by SFG.

    During my usual leisurely read of your recap, savouring every word, checking to see if there was a subtext to a word or paragraph, I suddenly realized one aspect of why I find your recaps so appealing.

    When I started reading the paragraph about Beverly Johnson, someone who I had never heard of, and who I wouldn't recognize on the street if I saw her wearing one of those nametags that say "Hello, my name is...", and who apparently is famous, I realized that while I am reading your recap I am in a completely different world. It's as if I have stepped through the looking glass and entered the SFG unverse which is apparently a parallel universe to the one I live in.

    I hope that you will forgive me if I am coming late to the party here, and this is a "been there, done that moment". I would like to nominate SnowflakeGirl for the Recappers Hall of Fame. Not only do you deserve it, but I would love to hear your acceptance speech.

    You did disillusion me about one thing: I had assumed that Tyramail was the product of the wit and wisdom of Tyra herself. It seems odd that someone with such a high opinion of herself would allow a minion to ghost write for her.

    Finally, I must say that this weeks recap has put an image in my head that I doubt will be going away any time soon.
    SFG runs in slow motion à la bad action picture, hand outstretched, with a low cry of “Nooooo!”]
    Congratulations on another awesome recap SnowflakeGirl.

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    The makeup people have, for some unknown reason, decided to place gigantic, glitter “scales” on her face in a way that makes her look like a character from Hellraiser, and she’s slung up in a net that makes her look like a Jane Doe washed up ashore.
    Awesome recap, Snoflake Girl.

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    I cannot even pick my favorite part.

    As usual SFG you're the woMAN!!!!!

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    OMG, that Christ line and the Brandy McBitchnuggets line made me howl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl

    Tyra greets them in a Sagittarius shirt, asking how many times they’ve been at a club and had a guy approach to ask them, “What’s your sign?” With Michelle, I’m guessing…um, zero? Oh, just keeeding, you dear, little Sapphic spitfire (see you at Girl Bar). Anyhooters, with twelve girls, it is the perfect time to do the twelve signs of the Zodiac! Or be the 12 Apostles and recreate the Last Supper (Tyra, naturally, would be Christ)—but nooo no one ever listens to my ideas.

    The makeup people have, for some unknown reason, decided to place gigantic, glitter “scales” on her face in a way that makes her look like a character from Hellraiser, and she’s slung up in a net that makes her look like a Jane Doe washed up ashore.

    The bottom two on this week’s menu are: the Failure-O-Fish and Brandy McBitchnuggets.

    Outstanding job!!!
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    Snowy, you rock, as always. Methinks you must live in L. A. When are they gonna give you your own TV Show?
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    -Ernest Hemingway

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    Hilarious! But is it supposed to be Floundered instead of Foundered?

    Love your recaps!

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