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Thread: ANTM4 Ep. 3 Recap: The Jawdropper Who Dropped Down on the Floor

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    Love you too. In fact, ANTMers, you are all my shnooky-wooky-love-bums. Am I just a really affectionate person? Or am I on a generous dose of OTC medication right now? YOU decide.
    Quote Originally Posted by TerryBo2k
    Hehe... I agree about this cast being a kooky cast! It would be funny to see a narcoleptic girl or girl with tourettes syndrome on the show !
    Oh crap, I can't believe I misspelled Tourette's Syndrome! The way I spelled it, it means that our imaginary cycle 5 model has a problem with tower-like architectural structures. I'm glad you brought that to my #$%@ attention!
    Quote Originally Posted by VeronicaBelle27
    Meet you and TyTy at the video store at 9:30, right?
    What on earth do you mean? [blinks out following message in morse code: "See you there, girl. I will be in the one in the raw-edged Burberry trench coat next to the massage oils."]
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    For the sake of the uninitiated there should be some kind of warning in the thread title to your recaps: Reading may cause uncontrollable laughter. I could envision situations where this could be a problem for some people - such as those with bladder control problems.

    To say that this was another brilliantly witty recap would be damning with faint praise. I have my thesaurus out and I still can't find an appropriate superlative.

    As usual there is just too much to quote, but I would like give you bonus points for the Buster Keaton reference. I love Buster Keaton and I think that more people should be encouraged to compare models to Buster Keaton.

    Finally, I would like to echo something that you said concerning Miss J:
    I could watch this man criticize people walking all day long, give Ďim his own show!
    The first time episode of ANTM I watched was partway through last season and Miss J was wearing a dress and heels and demonstrating how to walk down a runway. Back then I thought that it was vert strange. Now, he is my second favourite part of ANTM. My favourite part is of course, your recaps.

    Thanks for another entertaining read. Do your recaps by any chance come as audio books?
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    Fantastic recap, SFG. I think you should be in charge of casting for Season 5.

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    on behalf of myself and the eleven other straight guys, I salute you Snowy , for another amazing recap. After I read it I fell backwards and hit the floor....laughing!!
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    thanks for the nice recap... for people who will not be getting till mid-2005... it's so nice to read some insightful recaps...
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    frito bandito....classic.

    i thought that was sooooooo funny when tyra said that about the $39.99

    as always, wonderful recap. see you next week.

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    OMG!!! I laughed so hard throughout this article. There are two many good moments to quote but I think your play on the "bum-killing" thing was just hilarious. Thank you so much, Snowflake, for making laugh tonight. I really needed that!! You are wunderbar!

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    Your recaps haven't lost their touch and hopefully will never. Something that occured to me was maybe all the photos they took the one chosen aren't the best. Because sometimes i watch and can see that that picture could have turned out better or there was a better picture than that. Rebecca fainting so dramatic but is this real or another reality tv fraud. ANTM is turning into one big infectious conspiracy but whatever it is i'm loving this show.

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    Great recap! Loved the Tyra comment about the porn videos. Sarah's exit was not so gracious. You go girl! Brittnay bash!

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