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Thread: ANTM4 Ep. 3 Recap: The Jawdropper Who Dropped Down on the Floor

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    There's too many lines that I'd love to quote. Great recap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    If you’re like me, your mind is ticking off the possibilities: will they do a photoshoot where they will be dressed as gladiators (Modellus Maximus Americanus: “At my signal, unleash hell!”) or perhaps today they might actually be thrown to lions? But it’s never as dire as that devious little TyraMail author would like us to believe [pimpslaps TyraMail author].

    Walking on water, perhaps? [Imagines Jesus serving it on the Sea of Galilee, and executing a perfect turn in his sandals and flowing white robe.]

    Because if ever there was a short bus for walking (thanks for teaching me what that meant, you guys—although now that I know I’ll only abuse it),

    Wow, doesn’t that seem a lot more than usual, or am I straight-trippin’, Boo? Anyhoochie, she picks Kahlen, Sarah, Noelle, Lluvy, and Naima.

    “Ten girls from the last seasons,” Noelle blurts out, a funny guess that nearly makes me hork out my hot vanilla chai through my nostrils. You know Camille would not like the sound of that.

    Tiffany and Brandy (oddly dressed like the Frito Bandito)

    Kahlen has problems “popping out her butt” (yup, that’s all I got!)

    50 (must be read “fiddy”) cent potato sack

    “It looks like a porno cover to me,” Tyra scoffs, “It looks like a high-class porno, the ones that cost $39.95—how do I know that?” Aw yeah, looks like Tyra’s got some secrets of her own, perhaps a dark side we don’t know about: freaky deaky TyTy! I’m sure she knows her Vivid from her Wicked—not that…I…know anything about that…myself…[voice trails off, SFG looks around sheepishly] I knew I saw you at "Adam and Eve"!!!
    Wow, Snowflake girl! phenom-a-freaking-ly good! Too much to quote, though I tried to anyway. Meet you and TyTy at the video store at 9:30, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    J. tells Michelle she walks like she “has spina bifida on the right side of your body”
    I could watch this man criticize people walking all day long, give ‘im his own show!

    Rebecca seems bemused by the other girls’ “jealousy” and it’s true, she couldn’t pick everyone. Speaking of which, not to cry prejudice here, but anyone else find it fishy that Rebecca did not pick the most dark-skinneded girls in the group—girls like Brandy, Tiffany, Keenyah, and…Christina?
    I missed the spina bifida comment, OMG and I agree Miss J could have a show on his comments, hilarious!


    Yep, I noticed Rebecca's choices also...even Naima she seemed to choosen "just to be nice" Oh well I guess you choose who you're comfortable with.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ always, all hail to your marvelous recap
    "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." ~Anais Nin

    "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye." ~H. Jackson Brown Jr

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    I always LOVE your recaps, SnowflakeGirl! They're (dare I say it?) like better than the show itself

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    As always ... great recap!!
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    Awesome recap, as always.

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    What an excellent recap of episode 2 from Cycle 4 by Snowflakegirl!

    Really funny comments, too many to quote

    And Rebecca's collapsing was really freaky, i thought that she'd been rolling her eyes at the judges and then she just fell?! Poor girl, i thought she was dead because her eyes were still open and she wasn't blinking for quite some time so it was pretty freaky!

    I like Rebecca, i'm glad she's still in the running

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    Hehe... I agree about this cast being a kooky cast! It would be funny to see a narcoleptic girl or girl with tourettes syndrome on the show !

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    snowflakes the man!

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    I love you forever

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