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Thread: What The Diva's Are Doing Now Discussion Thread

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    Leah's FHM (FMH??) snapshots are so cheesy. They look like her boyfriend took some "glamor shots" in their hallway.

    I still like Eva's enthusiasm.

    Ann looks AMAZING!
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    Eva. God. Could the chick have SQUEALED anymore!? "I'm a Covergirl! SQUEEEE!!!" "I'm America's Next Top Model! SQUEEEEE!" "I was acting with Taye Diggs! SQUEEEE!" "I won! SQUEEEE!"
    God! That completely did my head in.
    Yaya seemed nice. I think it's cool how into their culture her family was, although her mom was kind of channeling a voodoo Miss Cleo. But I think their children's centre is really great. What a great opportunity for kids.
    Amanda, I don't think has the drive to get into modelling. I bet you anything, she's probably at home with her son by that mountain now. Haha. BTW: Clear to see where she gets her eyes from. Her dad's were exactly the same. And it was nice to see her as a teen, as she was a somewhat ugly duckling who seems to have morphed into this gorgeous woman. It's heartening!
    Ann: Looked gorgeous, and was surprisingly non annoying for me, and I usually detest her. Perhaps she's manageable in small doses.
    Norelle: Looked actually very good. I bet she'll do well in Asia.
    Nicole: Looked SO much better as a blond. She was looking a wee bit dowdy at times...
    Toccara: That was a mighty big pot of bacon her family was cooking up. That's all I have to say!
    Cassie: Little disheartened to hear that people are still telling her she needs to lose weight. Modelling is really not a great environment for a recovering bulimic, which, whether she admits it or not, she was. I thought it was so sad the way she justified what she was doing by saying it wasn't after every meal. Throwing up after eating is bulimia girl. Pure and simple. Whether it's on schedule or not.
    Kelle: I personally thought she looked horrible in the Source shoot. But that's just me. She seemed very passionate about her art gallery though, so that's good.
    Jennipher: Okay, they gave her like half a second of not much to say there. Glad her hair is dark again. What was TyTy thinking!?
    Kristi: Didn't know she was a director in training, that's awesome! I think she should go with that...she is still totally blah to me.
    Julie: Meh. Nothing new there. They didn't give any new info about her...
    Leah and Magdalena: Likewise. Would have liked to see a little more from both, but what are you gonna do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmar
    Leah's FHM (FMH??) snapshots are so cheesy. They look like her boyfriend took some "glamor shots" in their hallway.
    Lord, her poses were okay, but the shots they took were horrendous. ON another note, it was nice to see Kelle bubbly again.

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    One more thing - at the end, they said there would be a preview of ANTM 4 coming up. I waited around for it, but didn't see anything except the same teaser/ad they've been showing all along. Was that it, or did I miss it?
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    If truth is relative, how do you know?

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    The feuds are going to be out of control during Cycle 4.
    There are a few hotheads among this group.
    Can't wait til 8

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    Jasmar, you didn't miss anything. They just wanted you to stay for the commercials.

    Within the first 30 seconds they almost had me in tears with Cassie's quote of how everyone wanted her to lose hip inches. Way to go, telling that to an anorexic girl. :phhht
    Hubby said she was just going to the wrong places and should try Baby Phat or J Lo where they would appreciate bigger hips. I said, yeah, they like some ka dunk in the trunk.

    Loved the recap that had Eva saying SQUEEE! With that nose and a last name of Pigford, she should take it easy with the squealing.

    I still think Yaya is insufferably snotty. She's a rotten actress because she is so full of herself. Probably an insufferable "teacher" too. Those poor kids, having to waste school time on her crap. And she's not good at pronouncing French or Spanish, but I'm sure she thinks she is hot stuff.
    As for her mom's hairdo, to paraphrase the recap, it looked like she was channeling George Clinton.
    On the runway, how could Yaya sag that much in such a short amount of time? I am about twice her age and it took my body that long for an equal amount of sag.

    I never liked Ann, and her voice was so grating tonight, but at least her chest didn't sag in the gaping-front gown she was modeling. Please let that style be over soon!

    Norelle was my favorite last season, and I'm glad she's doing what I thought she should do, pursue a career in Asia.

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    over here!!!
    i had a dream i was kelle O_O! im happy she is doing well and she is happy so yay
    "this love is unbreakable..."

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    Can some one do a real recap? Like a snow flake girl recap?

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    If someone wants to post their thoughts on the show, that's fine, but this isn't part of the competition. SnowflakeGirl will be busy enough recapping the premiere of Cycle 4.
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    Omg Nicole is blond? I want to see a pic of her...
    beauty is only skin deep.

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