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Thread: Makeover Predictions

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    Makeover Predictions

    Hmm, as the makeovers will be carried out on the first real episode this time, I've decided to create this thread so we could predict the make overs these girls are going to have!

    Brandy: Her hair must be made less crayola and less spacehelmetish! It looks cute but stupid now.
    Brita: Her hair would probably be cut into equal length. Her hair looks funny
    Brittny: She'll be turn blacked I guess
    Christina: Not to sure. Probably given ugly highlights.
    Kahlen: Cut short and turned black or left red
    Keenyah: Soft Wavy curls would defintely help soften that ten mile jaw line
    Lluvy: I don't think she needs a make over, perhaps a perm would be nice?
    Michelle: Can't be bothered
    Naima: I'm guessing that her hair would be tottaly ruined and she'll be the one that gets Tyra mad, so anything ugly would do
    Noelle: Can't be bothered too
    Rebecca: She'll go brown I think
    Sarah: hmm...... She's a tough one, I'm thinking of dying her hair red
    Tatiana: She'll be turned Shandi blonde for sure!!
    Tiffany: Bald?

    This season's girls look good already even without the makeovers, are they really essential for all the girls?

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    Brandy: Short red hair.
    Brita: Platina blond + shorter.
    Brittany: Very short + bleached.
    Christina: More hair + volume.
    Kahlen: I'll stick to what I said before black+boy short.
    Keenyah: Lighter + more hair.
    Lluvy: Something tells me that she's going blond with those puppy big eyes.
    Michelle: I want her to stay dark but you never know with Tyra she'll give her some ugly ass highlights.
    Naima: Yeah I do agree with the ugly makeover which will get Tyra going.
    Noelle: I don't care!
    Rebecca: Different color + extensions.
    Sarah: Light orange.
    Tatiana: Yeah agree with funkalicious lighter.
    Tiffany: Something elegant to soften her up!
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    I don't care about the makeovers as long as Tyra doesn't repeat last cycle's "peroxide for everyone" craze. Newflash: not everyone looks good as blondes. I sincerely hope that Lluvy and Brittany will stay brunettes. Their skin is way too olive-y to match the blonde in my opinion.

    What about giving Lluvy some long, wispy bangs to cover up that fivehead? It's a beautiful fivehead, but nevertheless a fivehead.

    I like the idea of Kahlen with a dark boyish cut though. And something tells me that Brita will get the Heather treatment this cycle.
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    Would a more angular cut de-emphasize Lluvy's lack of bone structure, perhaps? With her hair smoothed back or down now, her flat face is really noticeable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geek the girl
    What about giving Lluvy some long, wispy bangs to cover up that fivehead? It's a beautiful fivehead, but nevertheless a fivehead..
    I agree that bangs would indeed benefit Lluvy face. It is very elongated, and perhaps bangs would give it a shorter appearance.

    ETA: fivehead.....

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    Maybe Christina will be given bangs to not make her face seem so long.

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    Brandy: I'm think Tyra's going to go for one of the extremes... either shave her head completely, or give her some drag-queen Lil Kim hair.
    Brita: I'm thinking they'll try something retarded and make her hair strawberry blonde
    Brittny: Same haircut as Nicole from previous season, only dyed Black
    Christina: about 5 inches shorter, 2 fake tracks of hair to thicken it.
    Kahlen: Plaitnum.
    Keenyah: give her a *tasteful* fro
    Lluvy: "punk" scene-cut. short and spikey in the back, long and sultry bangs
    Michelle: Highlights. her look is really jagged, something more commericail may soften her look
    Naima: extensions? a Yoanna dew?
    Noelle: straigten it.
    Rebecca: long, long extensions.
    Sarah: darker
    Tatiana: leave it be.
    Tiffany: straighten, extensions.

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    Lluvy would defintely look absolutely ridiculous blonde. Bangs might be a good idea!

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    I kinda think Lluvy looks kinda ridiculous NOW haha. I have no idea what sort of hairstyle they could give her to make her look better...aside from a head transplant. I'm really really not feeling that girl.

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    My guesses

    Brandy: Neutralize/Naturalize the red. I think the length of the fro is fine.
    Brita: Cropped to shoulder length.
    Brittany: Shorter bangs with some lighter highlights
    Christina: Goes blond or gets blond highlights and gets bangs to shorten her long face.
    Kahlen: Dyed Auburn and loses about an inch of hair in the back to even out the lengths.
    Keenyah: Hair extensions to reach the middle of her back.
    Lluvy: Short short bob. Probably to bottom of ear lobes.
    Michelle: Will rock the Ann look of last year
    Naima: Does she have hair on the sides? Might as well make her bald. With her bone structure she could rock it very well.
    Noelle: Platinum Blond
    Rebecca: Make her a red head
    Sarah: I am hoping nothing but maybe cut just below jawline would be okay.
    Tatiana: Dyed dark brown or black
    Tiffany: Super Short an inch longer than a buzzcut
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