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Thread: Makeover Predictions

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    I'd like Tatiana as Shandi Blonde, actually.

    As for the others, I think the coolest makeover would be for like...Rebecca.

    Hopefully a really nice edgy pixie cut? If not that, dyed red, and given maybe a wavy vixen look? :o

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    Who's knows what crazy stuff Tyra will come up with, but here's what I'd like to see happen...

    Tatiana- Her color is nice, but I'm not really feeling the curls.
    Brandy- Ok first, back to brown. Then, I don't know. Maybe it would look relaxed...or just shorter.
    Brittany- Make it pin straight and darken it.
    Christina- I don't know what to do about her. It just needs volume, and maybe a darker color too (or even a dark red).
    Brita- I like the color, but I'd like to see her with one-length hair.
    Kahlen- Maybe darker and a little shorter?
    Keenyah- Something with more volume to detract from her jaw
    Lluvy- I have no clue. I like the color it is now..and I don't really know what her cut/length is like at the moment. Maybe short?
    Michelle- I don't know. I think her hair is fine now. Maybe extensions
    Naima- I kind of like it now, but it's not versatile. Maybe extensions for her too.
    Noelle- Straighter and darker
    Sarah- Darker or maybe red?
    Tiffany- Straighten and rip out the ugly bow.

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    Reality tv fan
    Brandy: keep the length, and keep it red but not this bright shade.

    Brita: I love her hair, hope they don't change it too much. Maybe a bit shorter with some layers, I think they might make it a strawberry blonde color.

    Brittany: her hair is pretty as well, maybe add abit of highlights to it.

    Christina: She needs bangs to cover her forehead and shorten her long face. I like it straight though.

    Kahlen: I see her with a platinum blond do', she needs a bit more pizzaz, her hair is sort of blah now

    Keenyah: soft curls around her face to frame it would look attractive I think, maybe a nice shade of brown color for her pretty skin tone.

    Lluvy: bangs and short curls around her face, I'd also like to see her hair a nice auburn or chesnut color.

    Michelle: some kind of highlight, and maye some wispy bangs.

    Naima: I think she would look better with more hair, at least shoulder length. or at the very least a pixie sort of cut.

    Noelle: Luv her hair, very pretty. I think they might color her hair darker, I love the waves, but I think they will straighten it.

    Rebecca: Strawberry blonde, maybe shorter.....

    Sarah: I think she would look awesome with long dark brown hair....

    Tatiana: Probably blonder and shorter, maybe straighten it or something.

    Tiffany: straighten it, and maybe about an inch shorter or so.

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    Makeover Predictions:

    Brandy-I'm seeing this one with a cropping of just about everything. She's going short.

    Brita-She's going shorter as well just not too short. I'd like to see more body and volume in her hair.

    Brittany-She will go shorter as well and I can see some lighter highlights that make her hair more of a lighter sepia color

    Christina-She definitely needs more body to her hair. It must be shorter and possibly wild and free

    Kahlen-I think that she will go platinum blond or else the red in her hair will be brought out more.

    Keenyah-She needs curls or something to take away from her jaw but at the same time I can see Tyra saying 'we're gonna take it all off to draw attention to your jaw'... o that Tyra....

    Lluvy-I want her hair to stay dark and all I think she should get is a shorter style.

    Michelle-Her hair needs to take away from her face. Maybe she could rock the blond highlights?? I'm not liking the texture of her skin either. Maybe laser treatment? For this g'irl we should just try the all new Face-Erase technique using a blowtorch and her face.

    Naima-I want it all off!!! She needs to go GI JANE.

    Noelle-I can see her hair getting straightened but frankly I like the curls so I'm hoping she just simply gets a color change, either darker or lighter.

    Rebecca-She may be able to carry out the auburn look but chances are she'll go completely platinum.

    Sarah-She will go darker with either putting some brown/black in or stressing the red in her hair.

    Tatiana-I wonder how she'd look with straight hair? Regardless, I just want it lightened and cut to be less thick.

    Tiffany-Maybe the Face-Erase technique will work here too? Heh heh. Um, I see less hair on her and maybe making her hair real short with a lighter color...
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    ...If you notice on the pics that So into You posted... Lluvy already has bangs on her who knows what the will do to her!

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    Brandy - get rid of the red hair!!

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    Now that I have thought of it, I think Keenyah could go halle berry short and rocked it.

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    Lluvy with extra wavy hair?
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    That would be cool!

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    After seeing the AOL preview, I think Naima is going to get a weave and go back to her original hairstyle. I prefer Tiffany's old hairstyle in season 3.

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