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Thread: Tyra

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonsaibutterfly
    I think Tyra is a complex woman. She is a businesswoman and of course she will milk the show for what it is worth. I think she has a sincere and soft side as well. I read an interview with Nigel. He said that she cries after nearly every girl that is eliminated and gets rather attached and mother-like towards the girls. Tyra strikes me as a fairly straightforward person.
    Not sure what I like more, your lovely Liv Tyler avatars or your opinions on Tyra. I completely agree. It seems like people here are holding her up to too high a standard, JUST so that they can watch her fall. Considering where she came from and how long she's had a career and all that she's accomplished, i think she's incredible. She's an intelligent, insightful caring person. Can't say that about too many models period, much less one of the few real SuperModels.

    It's fun to pick at her bad hair and what not, but in the end, she created a great show that's lasted quite a while, and I think she's a sincere person. It seems like people are ignoring the accomplishment of creating a successful show about models while blaming her for every detail they don't like.

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    I don't have any problems with tyra....... and her hair has grown on me and i don't see that it's really that bad. Though there might some styles that would defiantly look better on her. She is a beautiful women inside and out and someone worth idolizing

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    I personally love Tyra and admire her for her business savvy and maternal-esque ways. I look forward to her talk show, i hope it's a cross between maury and oprah, i will love it.

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    that picture of the sun is awesome
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    Well, to be shallow () her hair is much better this season. I like the shorter cut and the shade of red is not as bad as it was before. Definitely a huge improvement.
    I didn't like her photo last week. It looked like one of those posters you buy at the card shop in the mall. But her pic tonight was really good, if a bit fuzzy in the face (I don't know if that was intentional). What sign is she supposed to be? Probably Leo.
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    She is the Sun!! Haha, nice pic way better then that doggie shot. She looks like a super hero here!

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    I thinkTyra ginuinely cares about each of those girls. I really knew I wish who her favorites were!

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    I just read an interview with Yoanna in which Tyra says the winner needs to have "spunk". I'd say Adrianne, Yoanna and Eva all had this quality in spades. So who has spunk this cycle?

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    If Tyra is going for the quality of 'spunk' that runs through Adrianne, Yoanna, and Eva... that trait is noticeable the most in Kahlen.

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