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Thread: Tyra

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander
    I have no problems with Tyra, but she does this show to make money and any of that Opraesque softer, gentler side she's been showing this season and last is directly tied in to her new talk show. The only time I was irritated by her was during that maudlin breakdown and shameless self-promotion of her music video. Tyra is a businesswoman first and foremost, and she's made some right decisions, but I don't think anyone will ever swallow her as the discount Oprah or even Grace Jones. Do what you do best Tyra, give the public a nice dose of humiliation, tears and rejection, coupled with twenty something girls at each other throats.
    OMG I completely agree with everything stated in that post. Ive seen many stars over do it and go over the top with self promotion. In this season the only tyra moment that irked me so far was when Tyra said "and 2 of you pissed me off"

    I wish Tyra would watch season 1 and then season 3 and notice the minor differences and try to make the show a more entertaining show

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    I'll try again to post my message:
    Tyra's a businesswoman, and using this show as self-promotion is part of that business. So I don't see a problem with it - it's not a problem for Donald Trump to do it, so why should it be one for Tyra?
    Also, I think Tyra's observations of people is spot-on, and I would much rather watch an Oprah-ish type talk show with her than Oprah herself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by giz
    If you look closely at a lot of fashion photos they have put the lippie outside the lips. No need to do that with Brittany!
    But in those pictures, they're trying to make a model with small lips look like she has big ones...the Susan Lucci syndrome .

    In this picture, they're trying to make Tyra's lips look smaller. They've put some "concealer" lipstick that's the same color as her face on the lips and then only done lip gloss on the smaller part of her lips that they want to emphasize. That's why it looks so strange. I mean we can see the rest of her lips, so who are they trying to fool. That might work for a long shot, but for a closeup? I don't think so.

    Besides, her full lips are luscious. Why not take advantage of them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GiaPet24
    And in the scheme of things Tyra hasnt really been around that long herself...infact if she hadnt brought around this show we may not even be talking about her
    Gotta disagree on that one. Tyra has been around for years! Victoias secret is just ONE of her many ventures. and she is fierce! Tyra is a BIG name in the modeling industry. I mean who better to host Amerias next top model than a someone who is already america's top model.. Tyra Banks

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    Photo Shoot #2:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    Photo Shoot #2:
    I am still irked at her for eliminating Nicole but she is pure heaven to look at here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    Photo Shoot #2:
    I really like the idea of this shoot....very innocent and angelic, but Tyra's face just really isn't working for me
    "At this point I'm assuming their child is dead. Most likely crushed beneath a mountain of corn dogs. Not that Britney or Kevin would notice. Arguing and drinking seems to take up most of their time. As does Britney's attempts to turn herself into a giant blob of jello."

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    We don't discuss previous contestants here, and that includes Tyra's current relationship (or lack of) with them.
    I dislike quoting myself. I dislike deleting posts for being against the site rules even more. We don't allow discussion of previous seasons. It's a conscious choice, and we enforce it.

    Please read the site rules in the FAQ, then the stickied thread at the top of the ANTM forum.
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    at least her photos arent weird anymore well last week's photo was scary but now yay
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    Photo Shoot #2:
    the dogs look mentally retarded in that photo. Not liking Tyra in there either

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