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Thread: Tyra

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    redlight 6/7
    i think most of these are great.

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    Here's a different one of Tyra in that 10 million dollar bra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeYou
    Well, i'll just post the first 11 in my 'Tyra' folder They're not my favourites, they just happen to be first.

    I resized them so they won't take up too much room. (If you're a UNTM fan you might recognise the ones i gave to suckmytoes)

    Omigosh DeeYou! Tyra looks amazing, no wonder Naomi Campbell felt threatened by her.

    If it wasn't for that physcotic Naomi, Tyra might've still been modeling for High Fashion.

    Oh well, BTW speaking of Naomi...

    Does anyone have a bigger version of this photo?
    If you don't want to post it I don't mind if you PM me either.
    I love this picture because it includes some of my favorite top models in general (not categorizing them as just top black models) Iman, Liya, Naomi, Beverly Johnson, not sure but is that Alek? and of course, TYRA!

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    redlight 6/7
    wow tha's odd, tyra and naomi in the same photo.

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    i think thats odd too. i have never seen naomi and tyra together in a photo.

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    Oh! Trya had JUST presented Diddy, Pharrell and Gwen to the stage to perform at the "FASHION ROCKS" thing.

    She looked pretty good. Had her curly-ish hair. Gold-ish, brown, long dress. And did her usual blinking habit too.
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    ((sigh)) Baby Tyra was such perfection. Thank you for the gorgeous photos, Dee.
    Token Christian.

    If truth is relative, how do you know?

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    SMT , that is a beautiful photo! Im not sure that the girl in front is Alek though. I do recognize, Iman, Naomi, Beverly, Liya, and Tyra though. I too would like to see a larger version.

    Thanks for the gorgeuos Tyra photos Rashad and Deeyou. I agree with Jasmar in that she really was breath-taking in her modeling prime.

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    I fell asleep watching Fashion Rocks. Not because it was boring but because I was tired.

    I saw a glimpse of the camera at Tyra though, she didn't seem to look that great but probably because I didn't get a good enough look. I hope they play a re-run.

    wow tha's odd, tyra and naomi in the same photo.
    Yes I agree, seeing Tyra right next to Naomi in the same photo is almost a one in a million chance but I guess when it comes to modelling, Tyra's very professional and leaves all personal issues aside and I'm sure this photo was taken while they were having their feud. Good thing the photographer didn't make them touch each other or else it would've been a ... Tyra's face kind of looks uncomfortable too and Naomi looks like she's trying hard to outshine Tyra in the photo. Well guess what Naomi? You ain't better than Tyra!!!

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    A few more

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