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Thread: Tyra

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    I think I have rediscovered my love for Tyra. She was really great in season one. I keep remembering the scene where she was helping Adrienne get her makeup done for the hamburgler photo. Tyra started to lose me with the Shaka Ya body and me me me-ness of cycle 2. I liked her a little better last cycle, though I was turned off by her extreme drag-queenishness at panel. While watching the first episode of this cycle, I remembered why I like her. She seems very normal to me. I can't imagine having a conversation with Janice, Nigel, Jay, etc without one of us becoming violent. But Tyra is someone you could sit and talk to. She's intelligent, extremely talented as a model, and has a face that is incredibly beautiful but is also accessible. It doesn't mean that I don't see any of the negative stuff (e.g. eliminating Mary and then comforting her as if she wasn't the one who cut the poor girl from the conversation. It's not like she didn't know that Mary was going to fall apart when she got cut.) But I think she knows that if she wants to keep this show on tv, she is going to have to cater to the producers, who want drama and lots of it. And Tyra is also the star of the show, so she's got to participate in the crap too.

    I don't believe Tyra created this show as an homage to herself. I think her heart really is in the right place. I don't see any other supermodels doing so much to help other people - helping younger girls get a leg up or starting a camp to help disadvantaged teenage girls gain self esteem, confidence, and leadership qualities. And I certainly don't see any other models as willing to show the world what they *really* look like sans makeup and artistic lighting. (Of course, I don't see many supermodels around in general, but I'm just saying. )

    Tyra is both of these people
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    I don't like Tyra at all.
    Ever since Nicole's elimination, I have started to feel that way.

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    I dont like Tyra much either.
    Looks like Im the only who's gonna say give me Heidi any day.
    I think Heidi is really nice, just trying to act strict as a host.. maybe following some really wrong instructions. Its not too fair to compare because Heidi was hired while ANTM is kinda Tyra's show... and it slots in Tyra praises here and there.
    That said, credit must be given to Tyra for some of her sound advice and insights to the girls about the industry and sharing her past experience.
    I remember that scene when she hugged one of the eliminated 6 telling her one day somebody is gonna say yes and how she used to cry after rejections too. Could do with more of that sincerity than MTVs on this show if you ask me.

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    I really like Tyra. Personally, I havn't seen a whole lot of models given that much airtime on tv, so that we really know what they're like, but I'm sure if I did get the chance to watch a Tv show staring a bunch of supermodels none of them would be as "real" and as "down to earth" as we've seen Tyra. Everyone has personal preferences and if you're in the limelight that much you're entitled to a big stroke to the ego every now and then.

    As far as her drag queen incarnation goes, I'm all for it. If she were to cut out the weave and tone down the gravity defying hair... It would be like she was giving into a pressure to conform, and betraying her own personal style.

    Finally, I confess that I'm one of those people who's into the waifish models... But I still have mountains of respect for Tyra, for eating and being proud and obvious about it.

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    I am definitely on the fence with Tyra Banks. For one thing she is an extremely good model. But in another aspect it seems as though she is really into the media part of ANTM. I think she often pretends she cares when she really does not.

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    Camera aware ... that's Tyra. She seems okay, of course she's going to be aware of her tv image but she needs to tone down the diva for me a bit.

    Wish she'd ditch the red hair, and try ice blond like she makes others wear.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    i've always liked tyra. she's opened herself up, even before the show. she had a book that showed her without makeup, and she pointed out her flaws. that is conforting for young girls who hate themselves and wish they looked as good as models. but, she showed that it's all makeup and airbrushing.

    yeah, her hair needs taming, and sometimes she wears too much makeup, but that's everyone. no one looks good all the time =)

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    I've always had a lot of respect for Tyra. She can appear fake sometimes on the show but she is really the supermodel that represents America. She's down-to-earth, she's real, and she made ANTM to help girls get acquainted with the world of fashion and modelling. If all she wanted to do was make money off of her show, then she would just feature herself all the time being a model and whatnot. She can be over the top sometimes like on the first episode of this season (her breasts were like SUV airbags) and everyday I try to forgive her for staging that event to get rid of Nicole , but all in all she is a good person.

    Also, I saw her get Punk'd today on MTV and while you could tell she was noticeably upset throughout her ordeal, she never used bad language or made a scene. That takes a lot of restraint.

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    I've got to confess I never got to see the actual TV show for project runway, but I have seen Heidi in interview and she's got a great personality. Tyra is the MOST boring person in interviews. I mean, yeah she's just horribly boring.

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    can someone please post a screencap of Tyra's alien picture which looked scary but it was still cool
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