Premiere - The Stank Ho Who Poured Beer on My Weave
Episode 2 - The Poor Little Rich Girl Who Thought She Was a Monkey
Episode 3
- The Stripper Who Lost Her Lunch
Episode 4
- The Certain Bitch Who Stole My Crystals
Episode 5
- The Booty Flasher Who Bored Me to Tears
Episode 6
- The Sloppy Slut Who Threw a Fit Over Her Precious Brownies
Episode 7
- The Nasty Asses Who Got It On in the Hot Tub
Episode 8
- The Spider Who Shagged Eva vs. The Hat That Smelled Like Dookie
Episode 9 - The Invisible Tard Who Got Tossed in Translation
Episode 10
- The Lionesses Who Turned On the House Bitch
Episode 11
- The Banana Who Snubbed Her Shorty
- The CoverGirl Who Became America’s Next Top Model