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Thread: 03/02/05 Episode Preview: The Girl Who is a Lady Kat. Reow!

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    The girl with the long hair doesn't look like Naima to me at all (even though it's her). Anyway thanks whoever posted the information about the teaser! I love Michelle damn! Brandy is cute, cute Sarah's walk!
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    Lady Kat is Jessica from Houston.

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    That does not look like Naima at all, which is probably a good thing. Shows there's a bit of versitility in her. Question, is that her photo booth snap?

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    I think we are allowed to post links to AOL. Here's the link:

    Quote Originally Posted by Milay
    I love Michelle damn!
    Brandy is cute ... I love Michelle's accent. She reminds me of Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby or something (yes, I know the difference between boxing and wrestling but barely!) ... Lluvy seems sweet and much prettier than in her bio pics ... Naima's hair is so metaphorical. (And Mr. Jay's "I'm watching ballet" face cracks me up.)

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    I really love that spoiler video above Salome. I'm not feeling Brandy's gap or her hair and she seems really confident... go figure. I absolutely love Lluvy after seeing that. She seems so sweet and misunderstood; she's just crying out for a friend. Naima seems like a contender who is also very pretty. Then there's Sarah who just seems so down-to-earth and very pretty. And then there is Michelle.... o god.... i hope her makeover makes her HOT, because right now she's NOT. Could those five on the spoiler video be the Top 5 of this cycle....? Only time will tell.... (Dramatic ka-boom)

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    i doubt its the top 5...cuz if brandy and michelle make top not watching next season ! and plus what was jessica doing there in that case ?

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    I hope not too, a final five with NO TATIANA and a BRANDY! Your Crazy!

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    ROFLMAO. A final 5 with Michelle?????????? Sarah - NAH. Brandy - NAH. But LLUVY AND NAIMA should....
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    BRANDY IS HIDEOUS. I seriously like Tiffany over her... And that's saying something
    I dont' think Michelle is that attractive... And not in the way that everyone thought Shandi was unattractive. She's just not pretty, I guess.
    I'm confused how Cat Girl wasn't chosen over Brandy... Sure, she's crazy, but I bet she would have done well.

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    Michelle does look a little rough to me. Her body seemed a little lumpy or something, I can't really find the right words. It was just a little unpleasant to look at. At this point, I really don't understand why she was selected to be on the show, but i could definitely be proven wrong. I thought Sarah had a good body, which is weird because her stomach looked a little pouchy in the red-dress picture.

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