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Thread: Tiffany

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pharoah View Post
    I just watched the first episode of Cycle 3 and when Tiffany came into audition, it was she calling herself ghetto. She said "I know I may seem a little ghetto".
    yea but she didnt make it in the house that cycle, she was talking about cycle 4 how they always called her ghetto. but i loved that episode anyway "that skank ho poured the beer on my weave!"

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    Tiffany did call herself ghetto a number of times during Cycle 4. However, people make self-deprecating comments all the time and most people have the good sense not to join in. Bald people joke about their baldness, ethnic groups joke about their ethnicity, southerners joke about the southern mannerisms, etc. But in general, people don't assume that they have permission to freely make those kind of comments.
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    Tiffany also bitched incessantly during the acting thing when some of the girls called Cockney White ghetto english. WTF, Tiffany? Miss Openly Calls Herself Ghetto can't stand a joke that was not even directed at her, about something she called HERSELF? Sorry, I was just in a state of extreme WTF at that time. (pats Tiffany Doll)

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    On the show yesterday, Tiffany explained what she meant when she said I might seem ghetto. She was not saying it in a self-deprecating way. She also said she was tired of people promising to do things for her and never come through. She was talking about all the promises Tyra made to her, but Tyra kept interrupting her. Tyra was saying she was telling Tiffany how beautiful she was, but that was for TV. She was real nasty to Tiffany behind the scenes. Tyra is trying to make America think that Tiffany asked her for help and She also lied about having a vested interest in Tiffany. Tyra has not done anything for Tiffany, nothing at all, Tyra is a lying phoney. I donít blame Tiffany for not opening up to her or her quack of a psychotherapist because all Tyra is going to do is turn it around and try to use it against her like she did with Kim and Sarah. Tyra canít be trusted with peopleís personal information. Tyra never mentions any of the positive things that Tiffany is doing in the community, she is a real mentor not a fake one like Tyra. Bottom line Tyra loves Tiffany on tv, not in real life. Tyra is all about ratings and she doesnít care who she has to use or hurt to get them.

    Oh and Tiffany was never "bitching" or complaining, she was making jokes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devoted2ANTM View Post
    I am sooooooooo pissed and fed up with Tyra and all of her lies. I am close to one of Tiffanyís relatives and Let me set the record straight about Tyra & Tiffany. Everything Michellela said about Tyra dogging Tiffany out is true. In fact she called Tiffany the B word with black in front of it a couple of times during that elimination show (footage that Tyra will never let be shown). On her show yesterday she kept hugging Tiffany like she loves her and if you noticed, Tiffany had a look of disgust on her face. Tyrant is trying to convince America that she is doing things for Tiffany. She has not done ANYTHING for Tiffany. Every show she does with Tiffany, she tells the same lie. Tiffany has to go along with it because she is under contract and canít say anything bad about Tyrant. Just like she said she would never talk bad about her father, she has never said anything bad about Tyra. Tyra has not mentored Tiffany at all. Tiffany let Tyrant off the hook by not telling the true story about how dirty and underhanded Tyra really is. Everything Tiffany has done since the show has been because of her grandmother. Tyra is what she is a pimp and a lying one at that. Her so called renowned psychotherapist is a quack. You can tell he doesnít know what heís talking about because he says the same thing to every girl that he talks to on the show.

    Tyra is still trying to make America think that Tiffany has a defeatist attitude. Tyra dogged Tiffany in front of millions because she considered Tiffany to be beneath her. She keeps saying she was rooting for Tiffany and that she could have won the competion. How she sees the beauty in Tiffany that Tiffany doesnít see in herself and she sees the same thing in so many inner city girls and she doesnít want her to be a victim, bull. Tyra kept cutting Tiffany off when she was trying to talk, like she always does when people are not saying what she wants them to say. Tyra has fake compassion, but I must say she is a good actress. If I didnít know the true story, I would believe what Tyra says on her show. When Tiffany started crying about how they always referred to her as Ghetto this or ghetto with a capital G, Tyra immediately stopped her and was saying she didnít know what judge called her ghetto. The truth of the matter is it was Tyra and she didnít say in a very pretty way. In my opinion, Tyra is hurting Tiffany more than she is helping because she continues to put Tiffany down while pretending to lift her up. Tyra is all about me, me, me and some more of me.
    wow thanks for this info. just to add on if you ever realized, tyra always have different reasons why she yelled at tiffany. at first it was because she knew about tiffany's struggles, than it was because she wanted to show that lota og black girls are special in life. tyra needs to make up her mind.

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    I like that song i was suprised when I sa tiffany in the video she is really pretty she should have been one of the top 3 on top model i love that song naomi..walkin like that chick naomi..LOL i am listening to it..LOl big ups tiffany!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aga View Post
    Tiffany did call herself ghetto a number of times during Cycle 4. However, people make self-deprecating comments all the time and most people have the good sense not to join in. Bald people joke about their baldness, ethnic groups joke about their ethnicity, southerners joke about the southern mannerisms, etc. But in general, people don't assume that they have permission to freely make those kind of comments.
    this was stated beautifully. and yet most people will act like they haven't figured this out.....
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    I don't agree. I don't think it's funny that Tiffany referred to herself as "ghetto" the whole time, and to me, it seemed to be a big gimmick for her. If she saw herself as ghetto and took every opportunity to refer to herself as such, why get mad when others begin to view her like that? I don't think Tyra is right or is justified in calling her that, but Tiffany seriously annoyed me with that nonsense.
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    Reading these recent entries has provided a lot of insight.

    Tiffany is a beautiful gal. I think she could use a model or entertainment type mentor. Perhaps a modeling agent or another agent would be of best assistance.

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    It's great that pretty Tiffany is out there being seen by young people who want to change and better their lives:

    In yesterday's Miami Herald and

    "Talent Showcased
    Young artists got a chance to showcase themselves through music, dance and poetry during the talent competition, Miami live -- The show for aspiring artists"

    It was hosted by Tiffany Richardson, who appeared in the television show America's Next Top Model.

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