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Thread: Tiffany

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    I thought Tyra wanted to avoid casting the "black bitch" (Tyra's words, not mine). Tiffany seems such a stereotype, based on what we saw last season. Her poses here don't do anything to alleviate that impression.
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    maybe tiffany will be the first one booted off the show. let's hope so!!!

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    I hope not!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lila
    maybe tiffany will be the first one booted off the show. let's hope so!!!
    I have a feeling Tiffany would freak if she were; I doubt it will come to pass though.

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    I'm soo amused they got Tiffany on the show this time. Well, she looks better than I remembered .. and i definately did not forget the drama. I do think Tyra has a slight soft spot for her.. we'll see how she works out. Maybe she did change and would pull a 'Nicole' surprise on us.. keeping quiet.

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    I do wonder how she got casted..or how she even made it to the finals last season. She just doesn't cut it to me. I mean Tyra most likely reviewed the tapes from last season when casting and said "she could be ratings"
    I think Tiffany changed her look and reminds me of a style from a contestant last season. And hoping that it would help. which it did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jays_Princess
    I didn't even realize if was Tiffany from the last try out

    I had a feeling it was her when it said her favorite food was Popeye's spicy wings.
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    The hair isn't doing too much for me...she's one of those rare people who looks even better with the less hair she has. Her features are so strong that she really doesn't need it, like Ebony. Unlike Ebony, she doesn't appear to have a problem with skin texture.

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    I fell hard for Tiffany's story last year so I'm thrilled she's back, but realistically speaking she will never be top model. I look forward to her antics though.

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    More tattoos, yuk.

    I wasn't impressed with Tiffany last season and don't see why she has found a place in the top group this time round, unless oif course they're interested purely in potential drama.

    I'm skeptical about the degree of her modelling talent and the versatility of her look, but hopefully she'll prove me wrong.

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