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Thread: Tiffany

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    If you look at Tiffany now compared to last season, her face looks softer, her languange and enunciation (although not perfect) is much better. And shes just more calm, She doent seem to have this rough exterior anymore. And, I really dont see how her being rejected last season has anything to do with her running in THIS season. All of the models have started with a clean slate. Tyra stated that QUOTE "Last season I didn't acept Tiffany in the house because she seemed a little (hot-headed is the word I think she used or something to that effect) and I didn't want anyone in the house who could possibly cause hram to themselves or others. Tiffany has taken this past YEAR to make a complete turn-around and it has most defnitely worked. I'm so happy for her and i'm feel that she is 100% capable of winning this season. Especiallly since she was rejected last season and shes one of the underdogs this seasons. That whole little story would make a great winner. And i'm sure the judges and producers look at that type of thing seeing how this is AMERICA'S next top model. And America has to be able to identify and really feel and become warm to the model. Just my "little" opinion .

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    I really never bought the whole "Tiffany is a much better person" story. We didn't even see Tiffany that much last season, and her only displays of having a bad attitude weren't with any of the cast. Unless I forgot. And they make it seem like she's made such a big 180, but last season's tryouts weren't even that long ago.

    I'm glad she has matured, though, and she is growing on me. A don't believe she's Top Model material though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goplatinum
    Yeah thats her sons bear, Chadrick.

    Um, Tiffany looks NOTHING like Robin. EWW!

    Thanks. I think then that it was adorable to have the bear. Almost seemed like she needed the extra boost. Hope she doesn't miss place the bear or we might have another crystal/money/Amandagate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milay
    Tiffany's face is totally off. Hr body is making up for that face definitely.

    Actually I don't care for Tiffany's fake ass anymore. How can talk about people being crazy and then while in their presence act all "ass kissery", I hate people like that. Tiffany making a U turn in her life characteristically and emotionally was just a gimmick for making it to the final 14! I don't care for her anymore. You can get a girl out of the ghetto but you can't get the ghetto out of her! :phhht

    Funny, I take it as Tiffany being honest about people. She seems well received by the other girls and I think if that were not the case that a lot more drama would have poped up by now. Eva was a pretty in-your-face-with-what-I-think kind of girl too. I don't think it has anything to do with being ghetto. And actually who says ghetto is all that bad. The american dream is based on people dragging themselves up out of nothing and I for one congratulate Tiffany on her efforts.

    After catching up on all of the posts I also have to say that I would much rather see someone like Tiffany win then someone who has had other opprotunties before. It just seems to me like this could be so much bigger for her and her family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Love
    Hope she doesn't miss place the bear or we might have another crystal/money/Amandagate.
    But if she does lose the bear, we might get treated to another catchy song and dance!

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    I have to say I'm not wishing AGAINST Tiffany. She still a little too GHETTO for me; but if she's willing to improve I'm all for it. But I don't want her to win because she's poor. If she wins it should be b/c she the best. Like Eva!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotherSister
    But if she does lose the bear, we might get treated to another catchy song and dance!
    Yeah but she might beat more then just a curtain.

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    The ANTM producers would have had to be crazy to take Tiffany after the beer fight last season. She did throw her own beer back at the other girl, after the other girl poured her own beer on Tiffany's weave, thereby instigating a fight where actual glasses were thrown and broken, and where others of the contestants could have been harmed, or worse. She then got in a verbal argument with another one of the hopefuls saying "that's fine Martin Luther King, but I'm with Malcolm". She admitted in the post incident interview that the violent side of her reacted (I think she said as usual) and IIRC that if someone beats on you, you beat on them. She definitely said she didn't know any other way to be. Those are clear signs of a risk management nightmare. And frankly, when I heard she made the show, I thought they were nuts to take her.

    But Tiffany surprised me. She said in the first episode that she had gone through anger management classes, and it really looks to me like its helped. Time has passed. She's a little older, a little wiser, hopefully a little happier, and probably a lot more cognizant of what an opportunity getting on ANTM could be for her. I thought they were nuts to take her, but now I'm really rooting for her to make a better life for herself and her family.

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    I've deleted some spoilers. Please keep in mind that anything not shown during the regular show is considered a spoiler, including info from the official website.

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    I never realized until tonight, how many Tiffany fans are here. WOW... She did my sign justice, but still I don't know what the crab signifies about us, I know were emotional and defensive, but we are also caring and put others well-being before ours.... (RIGHT or WRONG??)
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